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Pete Buttigieg: ‘We’ve Probably Had Excellent Presidents Who Were Gay’ — WATCH

Mayor Pete Buttigieg appeared on Axios on HBO on Sunday night, fielding an array of questions from immigration, to Iran, to transgender troops, and his thoughts on the viability of a young, liberal, gay candidate. Buttigieg said he’d immediately reverse Donald Trump’s ban on transgender troops, ripping the president for picking on a vulnerable group of people and for dodging service himself. The clip was not immediately available so we’ve transcribed it. Said Buttigieg: “The military would be fine , because the military knows how to do their job. This...
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Trump Tells Piers Morgan Why He Banned Transgender People from Military: ‘They Take Massive Amounts of Drugs’ — WATCH

Piers Morgan grilled Donald Trump in a Good Morning Britain interview about transgender troops in the military and why he banned them. Said Trump: “They take massive amounts of drugs. They have to, and you are not allowed to take drugs, you are in the military, you are not allowed to take any drugs. You take an aspirin. And they have to, after the operation. They have no choice. They have to. And you would actually have to break rules and regulations in order to have that.” Morgan then pointed...
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Donald Trump struggles to explain transgender military ban in Piers Morgan interview

Donald Trump has attempted to defend his ban on transgender people serving in the US military. The US president was questioned over his policy an interview with Good Morning Britain on Wednesday (June 5) while on a state visit to the UK. Donald Trump claims transgender soldiers take ‘massive amounts of drugs’ Asked about his 2017 decision to ban transgender troops from openly serving in the military, Trump claimed: “They take massive amounts of drugs, they have to. And you’re not allowed to take drugs, you know, in the military...
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Pete Buttigieg Rips Trump for ‘Slander Against Veterans’ in His Considerations to Pardon War Criminals: WATCH

Pete Buttigieg tore into the “continuing horror show” in Washington in an interview with Martha Raddatz on ABC News’ This Week in which he slammed Donald Trump once again for faking a disability, but for “slander against veterans” in his consideration to pardon war criminals. Said Buttigieg: “There is no question, I think, to any reasonable observer that the president found a way to falsify a disabled status, taking advantage of his privileged status in order to avoid serving. You have somebody who thinks it’s all right to let somebody...
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Pete Buttigieg Slams Trump’s Decision to ‘Fake a Disability’ to Avoid Serving in Vietnam — WATCH

Mayor Pete Buttigieg hammered Donald Trump for using his privilege to fake a disability to avoid serving in the Vietnam war in an interview with the Washington Post on Thursday morning. Trump received five deferments from the Vietnam war, one of which was a diagnosis of “bone spurs” in his heels, which was made by the doctor as a favor to his landlord, Fred Trump, according to the doctor’s daughters. Said Buttigieg: “I don’t have a problem standing up to somebody who was working on Season 7 of Celebrity Apprentice...

Is a War Coming Between the U.S. and Iran?

U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and strike group entering the Suez Canal / US Navy You can’t say the world wasn’t warned. In February, US National Security Adviser John Bolton — a leading proponent of the disastrous 2003 Iraq War — sent a video message to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, 40 years after the creation of the Islamic Republic: “I don’t think you’ll have many more anniversaries to enjoy.” Propelled in large part by Bolton, the Trump Administration withdrew in May 2018 from the 2015 nuclear agreement between the US...
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Documents Shed Light on Pete Buttigieg’s Military Service

Pete Buttigieg / Twitter Recently obtained documents shed light on the time Mayor Pete Buttigieg spent serving in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom after 9/11. The Hill reports: ‘According to the documents, Buttigieg served in the Afghanistan Threat Finance Cell (ATFC) in Kabul, placing him in “an imminent danger pay area” from late March to mid-September 2014, while the then-32-year old was still serving his first term as mayor. The ATFC “identifies and disrupts Taliban, Al-Qaida and other insurgent financial support networks in Afghanistan.” Buttigieg represented ATFC at “high level...
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