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Trump honored marriage equality anniversary by speaking at an anti-gay conference

Yesterday was the anniversary of 3 major LGBTQ victories. Trump talked about how Christians are "under assault." https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2019/06/trump-honored-marriage-equality-anniversary-speaking-anti-gay-conference/...
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Mike Pence Defends Ban on LGBTQ Pride Flag at U.S. Embassies: WATCH

Vice President Mike Pence was asked by NBC News if the administration directed U.S. embassies to not fly the LGBTQ Pride flag. Replied Pence: “I’m aware that the State Department indicated that on the flagpole of our American embassies, that one flag should fly and that’s the American flag and I support that.” RELATED: Trump Administration Bans U.S. Embassies Worldwide from Flying LGBT Pride Flag — a Blanket Permission Granted by Obama “As the president said on the night that we were elected,” Pence added, “we’re proud to serve every...
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Mike Pence defends Trump decision to ban Pride flags at US embassies

US Vice President Mike Pence has voiced his support for the Trump administration’s decision to reject US embassies’ requests to fly the rainbow flag during Pride month. “It’s the right decision,” Pence said to NBC News. Pence also confirmed that at least four US embassies that had requested permission to fly the rainbow flag during Pride month have had their requests rejected. The State Department said, in response to the requests, that only the US flag should fly outside US embassies around the world. “I support that,” Pence said. “As...
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Pence Says ‘It’s The Right Decision’ To Bar Pride Flags On US Embassy Flagpoles: ‘One American Flag Flies’

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Vice President Mike Pence backed the Trump administration’s move to bar U.S. embassies around the world from flying the rainbow pride flag on their flagpoles during LGBTQ Pride Month, telling NBC News that “it’s the right decision.” In an interview with White House correspondent Kristen Welker on Monday, the vice president confirmed NBC News’ exclusive report that said the U.S. Department of State had rejected requests from at least four U.S. embassies to fly the flag during June. Pence told NBC News he was aware...
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