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Can You Pass as Straight? — WATCH

What are the societal benefits one gets as a gay person who’s able to pass as straight? Do other gay men find you more attractive because you are perceived as heterosexual? Do you avoid getting called faggot in the streets? And are there benefits to being clearly gay – like being everyone’s “glittery” best friend and being able to throw on lips and a pair of heels? Not if it means you have “the burden of wearing your queerness 24/7….” Michael Henry, Darren Bluestone, Tonatiuh, and Paul McGovern Jr. take...
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Why Are the Sexiest Gays the Loneliest? — WATCH

If you cringed at that headline, you reacted correctly. Michael Henry schools a sexed out friend on loneliness and beauty in the gay community: “The way to make friends isn’t through your anus.” “But it’s not my fault,” the gym bunny responds. “They all want to have sex with me. … They’ll slide into my DMs like, ‘Why don’t you come to my dodgeball game,’ they’ll say. ‘Come to the gym with me,’ they’ll say. ‘Let’s eat carrots in the couch and drink vodka in the dark while my roommate’s...
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