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He Dreams of the Day His Evangelical Christian Parents Will Accept Him for Being Gay But Isn’t Sure It’ll Happen: WATCH

In the latest episode of Matthew Dempsey’s therapy web series Cost of Two Sandwiches, Dempsey sits down with Chris, who grew up in a very “strict, conservative household” with evangelical Christian parents who love him but don’t accept his sexual orientation. Chris said that when came out to his parents it was “explosive” and not the response he had expected after convincing himself that it would be okay. “That was a long time ago but we are still no closer in terms of my parents being okay with it,” he...
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6 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health from Social Media’s Dangers

More than one-third of American adults view social media as harmful to their mental health, according to a new survey from the American Psychiatric Association. Just 5% view social media as being positive for their mental health, the survey found. Another 45% say it has both positive and negative effects. Two-thirds of the survey’s respondents believe that social media usage is related to social isolation and loneliness. There is a strong body of research linking social media use with depression. Other studies have linked it to envy, lower self-esteem and...
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