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Lyra McKee’s partner demands same-sex marriage for Northern Ireland

The partner of murdered Northern Irish journalist Lyra McKee has made a powerful plea to Theresa May to introduce same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland. Sara Canning made the comments ahead of a march for marriage equality which will take place on Saturday in Belfast. Canning said that she and her partner Lyra McKee wanted to get married because they “shared a love which meant we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.” Sara Canning: ‘The love that Lyra McKee and I shared is not equal’ She continued: “But,...
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Same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland ‘best memorial’ to Lyra McKee

Same-sex marriage should be introduced in Northern Ireland in tribute to Lyra McKee, politicians and friends of the murdered journalist have said. McKee, a promising young lesbian journalist, was shot dead while observing riots in Derry on April 18. It was revealed during her funeral on Wednesday (April 24) that she was planning to propose to her partner Sara Canning. Since then, the introduction of same-sex marriage has been floated as a potential part of her legacy. Journalist Susan McKay, a friend of McKee, has called on the Catholic Church...
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