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London’s Marble Arch lit up in rainbow colours to celebrate Pride

London’s Marble Arch has been lit up in rainbow colours to celebrate Pride in London ahead of the parade this Saturday (July 6). The landmark was transformed for one night only to celebrate an inclusive and diverse London. The arch—which was completed in 1833—has hosted royal processions as well as political movements and marches, and was a place of congregation for the women’s suffrage movement. London’s Marble Arch has been ‘a symbol of rightful causes’ Kay Buxton, chief executive of Marble Arch London BID, said the arch has had “a...
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Pride Jubilee: Watch Pride in London recap 50 years of queer history

Pride in London has released a moving video to honour Stonewall’s golden anniversary. The Pride Jubilee marks 50 years since the Stonewall riots kickstarted the LGBT+ rights movement, a battle which continues to rage today. Opening with a reenactment of the Stonewall raid, the video cuts to the UK’s first official Pride in 1972, before zipping ahead to the 1980s and the arrival of the AIDS crisis which has taken the lives of millions globally. Jumping a few years, the film introduces Section 28, the legislation which banned LGBT+ identities...
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