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Tuesday, February 25, 2020


George ConwayLawLOLNewsPolitics

‘The President Is Not Very Smart’: George Conway Tells CNN How Trump Played Right Into Adam Schiff’s Hands

President Donald Trump on Wednesday bragged about withholding key documents from impeachment investigators — and conservative attorney George Conway said that statement would blow up in his face. During a talk with reporters at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Trump boasted that Democrats “don’t have all the material” that they need to make their case of the president’s guilt and also asserted that “we have all the material.” While appearing on CNN, Conway predicted that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) would use this statement as further evidence that the...
Donald TrumpLOLNewsPolitics

Watch: Seth Meyers Does Epic Super-Cut of Trump’s Sniffling, Stuttering Mess of a Speech

“Late Night” comedian Seth Meyers came back from the holiday break to a country on the brink of war. In his Wednesday night show, Meyers reviewed the “sniffling” and “stuttering” mess of President Donald Trump’s address to the nation. The problems began when Trump entered the hallway on the second floor of the White House from the double doors of the Blue Room. Behind him was a flood of light that Meyers said looked remarkably similar to nuclear Mr. Burns glowing with radiation poisoning. “And like Mr. Burns, Trump claimed...
Donald TrumpLawLOLNewsPoliticswar crimes

Trump Mocked for ‘Reluctantly Agreeing Not to Commit War Crimes’ After Saying ‘I Like to Obey the Law’

“He certainly doesn’t” President Donald Trump is appearing to back away from his repeated threats of destroying Iranian cultural and religious sites should that country retaliate for his assassinating one of their top generals. In a short Oval Office presser the president, asked if he would carry out his war crimes threat, said,”I like to obey the law.” “We are, according to various laws, supposed to be very careful with their cultural heritage,” Trump told the press pool. “And you know what, if that’s what the law is, I like to...
FOX NewsLOLNewsPolitics

Laura Ingraham Warns Trump on Fox News to Never Listen to People Like Herself

Fox News personality Laura Ingraham counseled President Donald Trump on Monday to ignore advice from those who advocated for the Iraq War. “It’s important for the president to listen to his gut here, that he doesn’t listen to the same people who got us sucked into Iraq in the first place,” Ingraham said. “The ‘Bush Doctrine’ is dead,” she declared. “And Trump helped bury it. Thank God.” Among those who she should be ignored is apparently Ingraham herself, according to an expert in monitoring right-wing media. “Ingraham was one of...
Donald TrumpImpeachmentLawLOLNewsPoliticsRecep Erdogan

‘I Haven’t Watched for One Minute’ Trump Says About Impeachment Hearing – but He Did Post 20 Retweets About It

President Donald Trump insists he hasn’t watched even “one minute” of Wednesday’s impeachment hearing, which many – even some on the right – say is damning for his presidency. The American president told a reporter, “I haven’t watched. I haven’t watched for one minute,” calling it “a sham” that “shouldn’t be allowed.” Trump made his remarks during a bilateral press conference with none other than the president of Turkey, a dictator who Trump appeased at great cost to U.S. foreign policy and safety last month by pulling out U.S. troops from...
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