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Lesbian WWE star Sonya Deville makes important point about representation in wrestling

WWE’s first openly lesbian star, Sonya Deville, has said she wants to represent the LGBT+ community in wrestling to help others “live truth”. Deville has also become the first gay cast member of reality show Total Divas, which follows the work and personal lives of female WWE wrestlers, and the ninth season premiered on Tuesday (October 1). She told Fox News: “I don’t think there’s ever been anyone like me on there. Obviously, the first gay member of the cast which is cool because hopefully, I can kind of be...
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How to be confident and body positive in the bedroom

PinkNews spoke to Ruby Rare, a sex educator, monogamist and self-described “happy naked lady,” about body positivity and how she tackles insecurities within the bedroom. Despite growing up in a body positive family, Rare battled with her body during her teenage years. “I definitely spent a few years disliking my body and really struggling with it,” she told PinkNews. “Porn gets spoken about a lot and while it does affect people’s body image, I would argue that other aspects of the media like celebrity culture tend to impact our self-esteem...
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