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Companies Promoting Causes Can Be Accused of ‘Wokewashing’ – Allying Themselves Only for Good PR

More consumers want companies to address societal problems, including climate change and crumbling infrastructure. Additionally, more than half want to buy from brands that take stands on social issues. At the same time, consumers are increasingly skeptical about these partnerships, seeing them as marketing stunts. It’s called wokewashing. I’m a professor of brand responsibility, and my forthcoming research investigates brands and their relationships with social issues, including the importance of both allies and advocates. Allies or advocates In marketing terms, allies are members of a dominant social group that bring...
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Justin Trudeau Visits Gay Bar in Canadian First: WATCH

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made history on Monday when he stopped by a gay bar in Vancouver to kick off Pride week and enjoy a beer. Media outlets reported that it was the first time a Canadian PM has done such a thing. Trudeau stopped by the Fountainhead Pub on Davie Street, shook hands with applauding patrons, and took photos. View this post on Instagram Here’s @justinpjtrudeau when he made a stop at @thefountainheadpub on Davie Street today. It may have been the first time a sitting PM stopped...
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Woman in Niqab Hurls Homophobic Abuse at Pride Attendee Wearing Rainbow Flag: WATCH

Police are investigating after a video circulated on social media showing a woman wearing a niqab hurling homophobic abuse at a man wearing a rainbow flag at Waltham Forest Pride in the Walthamstow borough of northeast London over the weekend. Apparently this is from Waltham Forest Pride today. Slightly surreal to hear the Muslim woman quote a line from Alan Partridge when berating this poor man.— Paul Embery (@PaulEmbery) July 27, 2019 In the clip, a security person is seen protecting the man, as the woman verbally assaults him,...
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Mayor Who Axed LGBTQ Pride Flag from City Hall Has Change of Heart: WATCH

Last week Reading, Pennsylvania Mayor Wally Scott pulled the plug on an LGBTQ Pride flag-raising ceremony outside City Hall at the last minute. Scott said he opposes flags that stand for “movements” and said that’s what the Pride flag stands for. But Scott has changed his mind, after speaking with a constituent. ABC6 reports: ‘In a video posted on his Facebook page yesterday, the mayor said he had changed his mind after a recent conversation with a “prominent woman.” Scott says the woman recounted the time she came out to...
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This Mayor Axed Raising the LGBTQ Pride Flag Outside City Hall at the Last Minute in ‘Show of Blatant, Unacceptable Discrimination’ — WATCH

LGBTQ groups in Reading, Pennsylvania plan to file a complaint with the city’s Human Relations Commission after Mayor Wally Scott pulled the plug on an LGBTQ Pride flag-raising ceremony outside City Hall at the last minute. Scott said he opposes flags that stand for “movements” and says that’s what the Pride flag stands for. “I’m just not part of that and don’t think we should be,” said Scott. The LGBT Center of Greater Reading released a statement, saying, in part, “What was supposed to be a proud and historical moment...
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Minnesota Mayor Who Won’t Sign Pride Proclamation Denies She’s Anti-LGBTQ: WATCH

Facing angry residents, the mayor of Columbia Heights, Minnesota defended her decision to not sign a proclamation supporting the city’s upcoming Saturday’s LGBTQ Awareness Day and Pride festival, citing policies that suspiciously were developed the same week LGBTQ groups began inquiring about the proclamation. FOX9 reports: “Members of the Columbia Heights Pride Organization and other partners say they reached out to the city’s mayor a few weeks ago to inquire about the process of having her sign a proclamation to officially recognize Saturday as an LGBTQ Awareness Day in Columbia Heights....
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Minnesota Mayor Refuses To Sign Proclamation Honoring City’s First Ever-Pride Festival

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); A Minnesota mayor, who has this year approved ceremonial proclamations for a retiring city manager, National Library Week and “Tibet Day,” refused to sign a proclamation honoring the city’s first-ever Pride festival. Members of the LGBTQ community reportedly confronted Mayor Donna Schmitt of Columbia Heights during a city council meeting on Monday night over her refusal to sign a proclamation honoring LGBTQ Awareness Day. Schmitt said she would not recognize the proclamation because organizers did not follow guidelines necessary for ceremonial documents, KSTP reported. (adsbygoogle...
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‘I’ll Beat the Gay Out of You’ — Man Attacked in McDonald’s for Dressing Too Feminine: WATCH

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a man is seen attacking another man in a McDonald’s in Barcelona, Spain for his feminine dress. The altercation took place during the Pride celebration in Barcelona. da igual como vistamos, da igual si tenemos pluma, da igual si nos besamos en publico, da igual si SOMOS NOSOTROS MISMOS, siempre habrá neandertales que les moleste ver diversidad y personas con personalidad propia. La lucha sigue, como cada año #Pride— Celopan #MerezcoAlgoMejor (@CelopanYT) June 28, 2019 The aggressor launched into...
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Shopper Flies into Abusive Rage Over Gay Pride Garden Gnomes

A short-tempered shopper at the UK retailer Asda had a meltdown because the shop was selling a pair of gendered Pride gnomes wearing rainbow hats. Metro reports: ‘Four officers attended the Estover branch in Plymouth, Devon, at around 4.25pm on Saturday following reports of an abusive male shouting at staff. An eyewitness said: ‘ causing a disturbance over a gnome, sort of gay pride flag colours, which I’m all for. ‘The guy started saying random things like it’s a gnome, it’s offended him as they don’t have a sexuality. ‘I’m...
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