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Lady Gaga wants everyone to ask people what pronouns they use

Lady Gaga has urged fans to asks people what pronouns they use, in an impassioned speech about LGBT+ equality. The long-time supporter of LGBT+ rights made the comments in a speech at a concert in New York City on Monday (June 24). Lady Gaga: Ask people what pronouns they use She said: “I have learned so much over the years from all my fans. I feel so blessed, thank you for showing me and teaching me. “I’ve learned something very important to those people now, and I wish to share...
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Lady Gaga Marks Pride, Stonewall Anniversary at NYC Show, Urges People to Ask ‘What is Your Pronoun?’ — WATCH

Lady Gaga took a moment at her SiriusXM show at Harlem’s Apollo Theater on Monday night to talk about LGBTQ Pride and the upcoming anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, Variety reports. “So it’s Pride week. I wish it could exist 365 days of the year, but I’ll take a f–ing global week. Wow on Friday, the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. Yeah, that was when our community said enough is enough. And all hail to so many including miss Marsha P. Johnson. What bravery, what courage. In the spirit of acceptance,...
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