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U.S. Ambassador to Zambia Recalled After Denouncing Nation’s Imprisonment of Gay Couple

Daniel Foote, the U.S. ambassador to Zambia, has been withdrawn after criticizing the country for imprisoning a gay couple for having sex. Voice of America reports: “A State Department spokesperson said Ambassador Daniel Foote’s job in Zambia is ‘no longer tenable’ because Zambian President Edgar Lungu said he no longer wants to work with Foote.” Said the spokesperson: “Despite this action, the United States remains committed to our partnership with the Zambian people. firmly opposes abuses against LGBTI persons. Governments have an obligation to ensure that all people can freely...
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Indonesia Foreign Teacher Applicants Asked About Participation in Orgies in Order to Weed Out Gay Candidates

In order to weed out gay candidates, foreign teacher applicants in Indonesia are scrutinized with a psychological exam that includes “true or false” questions like “The gender composition of an orgy would be irrelevant to my decision to participate” and “I would feel uncomfortable knowing my daughter’s or son’s teacher was homosexual.” The NYT reports: “The goal is to determine teachers’ sexual orientation and attitude toward gay rights under a 2015 government regulation that prohibits international schools from hiring foreign teachers who have ‘an indication of abnormal sexual behavior or...
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Gabon Bans Gay Sex, Penalizes it with 6 Month Prison Term

The African nation of Gabon has criminalized gay sex, joining at least 70 other countries that do so. Reuters reports: “The central African country banned ‘sexual relations between people of the same sex’ in a new penal code earlier this year, according to copies of the law online. A government official who declined to be named confirmed the change, which happened in July but was not widely reported. The minister of justice declined to comment. … Confirmation of the change, which introduced a penalty of up to six months in...
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Because Same-Sex Marriage is Illegal in Israel, This Gay Couple Tied the Knot in Portugal: WATCH

As part of its World of Weddings segment, CBS This Morning profiled Liran Buchny and Maor Shtern, a gay couple in Tel Aviv who married in Portugal so they could have their marriage recognized in Israel, before having a symbolic wedding at home. The post Because Same-Sex Marriage is Illegal in Israel, This Gay Couple Tied the Knot in Portugal: WATCH appeared first on Towleroad Gay News.
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Hong Kong Elects Gay Councilman Jimmy Sham as Several Raging Homophobes Lose Races in Broad Pro-Democracy Win

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam says she’ll reflect after a massive pro-Democracy vote in the first elections since the wave of protests against Beijing started, the BBC reports: “Seventeen of the 18 district councils are now controlled by pro-democracy councillors, according to local media. The election, the first since the wave of anti-Beijing protests began, saw an unprecedented turnout of more than 71%.” Openly gay Jimmy Sham is elected #HongKong district councilman. He campaigned, seen here with me, using a cane after two attacks. Brazenly homophobic incumbents such as Holden...
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After Chilling Visit with Police, Turkmen Doctor Recants Coming Out, Says Everything He Wrote About Being Gay Was False

Proving that a visit with the authorities in the dictatorship of Turkmenistan can have a chilling effect, a young man who came out as gay under a pseudonym in October to bring awareness to the plight of sexual minorities, and then vanished along with his family after recording a farewell video message and being summoned to the police station, has returned and recanted everything. Radio Free Europe reports: “Kasymberdy Garayev — whose mother and father and siblings had also disappeared — on November 6 denied ever having previously contacted RFE/RL...
International LGBT RightstowleroadTurkmenistan

Young Turkmen Doctor Vanishes After Coming Out as Gay Under Pseudonym, Recording Farewell Message

A young man in Turkmenistan who came out as gay under a pseudonym in October to bring awareness to the plight of sexual minorities in his country, has vanished along with his family after recording a farewell video message and going to the police station where he had been summoned. Radio Free Europe reports: “Twenty-four-year-old Kasymberdy Garayev — whose mother and father and siblings have also disappeared — worked as a cardiologist at a prestigious clinic in Ashgabat, the Turkmen capital. He recounted to RFE/RL’s Turkmen Service the many problems he had...
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