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Same-sex parents can now be named on children’s birth certificates after landmark Indiana court ruling

Married same-sex couples can finally both be listed as parents on their children’s birth certificates, after a legal battle lasting almost three years, an Indiana federal court has ruled. In June 2016, a federal judge ruled that both same-sex parents could be listed on their children’s birth certificate, in a case brought by eight lesbian mothers. The couples had argued in their legal action that they were forced to undergo lengthy and costly adoption processes in order for the non-biological parent to be recognised as the legal parent of their...
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Parents raising children as gender-neutral asked by homophobes if they’re scared of ‘making them gay’

A couple who are raising their child as gender-neutral have told of the inappropriate questions they receive from other adults about their son’s upbringing. Christina Hise-Johnson and her husband Josh have a five year old son called Chandler. They decided to raise him in a way that encourages him to express himself without traditional gender labels, Metro reports. He still uses he/him pronouns but likes to dress in pink clothes and prefers shopping in the girls’ clothes section in stores. The Indiana mum said: “We are asked questions like ‘aren’t...
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Indiana School Board Member Says ‘Cry Me a River’ When Asked to Address LGBTQ Suicides: WATCH

A group of LGBTQ activists from Tri-State Alliance who had signed up to speak to the Evansville, Indiana school board meeting were shut down by board members as they began to address the needs of transgender students, the Illinois Eagle reports. After the group addressed board member Ann Ennis about transgender suicides, Ennis told them there was no support on the board to protect transgender students. When one of the activists said, “that was so transphobic” about Ennis’s remarks, Ennis walked from the room pantomiming a violin, and saying “cry...
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