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Federal Judge to Trump: No, You Cannot Reallocate $1 Billion from the Defense Dept. to Fund Your Wall

A federal judge has blocked President Donald Trump’s plan to reallocate $1 billion from the Dept. of Defense and use it to build his wall on the Southern border. U.S. District Court Judge Haywood Gilliam issued the order Friday evening halting Trump’s use of any Pentagon funds to pay for his wall. The ruling applies only to Pentagon funds, according to Politico, which first reported on the story. Judge Gilliam’s ruling “only limits construction in specific border areas in Texas and Arizona and does not prevent the administration from tapping...
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Government announces review into handling of LGBT+ asylum claims

The Government will investigate the way that LGBT+ asylum claims are assessed by the Home Office, it has been announced. The review has been commissioned “in order to alleviate any concerns about the way in which vulnerable claims are dealt with,” Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes said on Wednesday (May 22). “The aim and approach of the review will be to ensure that empathy and religious literacy is considered by decision makers when assessing these highly complex claims, acknowledging the impact of their decision whilst ensuring appropriate rigour is applied as...
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WATCH: Sarah Sanders Gets Caught in Lie After Lie in Rare CNN Interview

Sarah Huckabee Sanders doesn’t hold press conferences anymore – in fact, it’s unclear exactly what she does on any given day now – so perhaps she’s not quite aware of what’s going on in the Trump administration, or perhaps she just not quite as good as lying as she used to be. CNN’s Alisyn Camerota spoke with the press secretary Thursday morning, reminding her that it was President Trump who walked out of a scheduled meeting with top Democrats on infrastructure Wednesday. Sanders insisted that Trump would not work with Democrats while...
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Unlawful: Federal Appeals Court Smacks Down Trump for ‘Arbitrary and Capricious’ Decision to End DACA

Second Time Trump Has Lost an Appeals Court DACA Ruling A federal appeals court has ruled President Donald Trump’s decision to end DACA was unlawful, upholding a different appeals court’s ruling. DACA is an Obama-era program designed to protect from deportation undocumented immigrants brought into the country when they were young, by their parents. Friday morning the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Trump’s decision to end DACA was “arbitrary and capricious,” and unlawful because “it was not adequately explained,” as The Hill reports. US appeals court now: ‘DACA’s rescission...
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Trump to Unveil New ‘Patriotic Assimilation’ Immigration Plan After Canceling Plans to Attend Statue of Liberty Museum Opening

President Donald Trump was all set to attend Thursday’s opening of the new Statue of Liberty Museum, a $100 million 26,000 square foot enterprise that will celebrate and educate Americans and visitors from all around the world on the ideals of freedom, liberty, and welcoming immigrants. “Liberty Enlightening the World,” the Statue’s official name, “stands for good things: democracy, freedom, liberty, inclusion,” says Stephen Briganti, president and CEO of the foundation in charge of the Museum, France 24 reports. “It stands for all those things and so many more.” The...
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Stephen Miller’s Policy Would Make Thousands of US Citizen Children Homeless – Over Parents’ Immigration Status

“HUD expects that fear of the family being separated would lead to prompt evacuation by most mixed households.” White House Senior Advisor to the President and prominent white nationalist Stephen Miller is pushing a new federal rule that would evict an estimated 55,000 legal U.S. residents or U.S. citizens who are children, over the immigration status of just one of their parents. The children are living in federally-subsidized public housing. Miller wants Secretary Ben Carson’s Dept. of Housing and Urban Development to evict families who have even just one undocumented...
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Watch: Trump Laughs, Jokes After Supporter Calls for Shooting Migrants

President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Panama City Beach, Florida Wednesday night was the usual raucous affair – except for one exchange which has many even more outraged than usual. Complaining to supporters from the Florida panhandle that migrants are trying to enter the U.S. through the Southern border, the President asked, “How do you stop these people?” One supporter, as The Guardian reported, responded, “Shoot them!” President Trump laughed, paused, then turned it into an applause line. “That’s only in the panhandle can you get away with that statement,”...
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US State Dept. Goes to Court Again to Try to Tear Apart This Married Same-Sex Couple’s Twins

The U.S. State Dept. lost a federal court ruling that found it was discriminating against a legally-married same-sex couple. And now it’s appealing that ruling, hoping to block that couple’s child from being granted U.S. citizenship. At issue: one of two twins. The twins were adopted by Andrew and Elad Dvash-Banks, who married in 2010. Andrew is an American citizen, Elad is not. Were Andrew and Elan a different-sex couple, the State Dept. would not be trying to block granting U.S. citizenship to one of their two twin boys, Aiden and Ethan Dvash-Banks. The...
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