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Gay Penguins Make International Headlines After Adopting Egg as Their Own: WATCH

Skipper and Ping, a gay emperor penguin couple at Zoo Berlin in Germany, are making international headlines after they were given an egg to try and hatch after unsuccessfully nurturing a rock and a fish. This gay penguin couple adopted an egg together at Zoo Berlin in Germany. Skipper and Ping, both male king penguins, have shown prior interest in parenting, trying to hatch stones and fish in the past.— CNN (@CNN) August 13, 2019 These two gay penguins have been given an egg to try and hatch...
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The Gay Penguins at the London Zoo are Celebrating Pride

The gay penguins at ZSL London Zoo are celebrating Pride this year thanks to zookeepers who have adorned their pen with a “Some penguins are gay, get over it” sign. Penguin Beach is home to the Zoo's most famous same-sex couple, Ronnie and Reggie, and our #penguins are joining in on the #Pride celebrations! Discover more about our pride-themed activities at the Zoo! #PrideInLondon @PrideInLondon #ZooLife— ZSL London Zoo (@zsllondonzoo) June 26, 2019 The Independent reports: ‘The zoo said: “Ronnie and Reggie got together in 2014, and famously...
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