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Sunday, April 21, 2019


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10 ‘trans’, gender-bending animals that can change sex

There are species that have the ability to change their sex and/or appearance. While there are over 1,500 species that exhibit homosexual signs, there are also animals that are ‘gender-bending’, with the ability to change how they look and/or their biology. But in nature, we cannot determine if an animal is ‘transgender’ as it would need self-awareness and understanding of gender identification. We do not know if species beyond humans have such abilities. However, it is clear that some animals can change their sex or at least their appearance to...
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Gay people walk faster than everyone else, says internet

Gay people walk at a faster pace than the rest of humankind, according to the internet. The idea that gay people are quicker on their feet is one of many good-natured, often self-deprecating stereotypes which have gained popularity within queer online communities. These tropes claim that bisexual people can’t drive, do maths, ride a bike or sit in a normal way—but do cuff their jeans, use finger guns and love lemon bars. Google Maps: It will take 17 minutes to walk to your destination. A gay pedestrian: pic.twitter.com/76yfEvTjnQ — Chris...
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