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Fox and Friends: Climate Change Is The Left’s ‘Religion’ – It’s How They ‘Control Your Life’

“Fox and Friends” took a swing at the very real crisis of man-made climate change Tuesday morning, with guest co-host Pete Hegseth saying it’s not a “real threat,” like ISIS. Co-host Ainsley Earhardt mocked Senator Bernie Sanders for saying climate change is a greater threat to U.S. national security than ISIS (the DoD has made similar observations). Hegseth, who once was on President Donald Trump’s short list to head the Department of Veterans Affairs, launched into a rant. “The Left says that all the time. This is what they believe...
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Fox News Stops Expert From Mentioning White Supremacists – Even After Feds Call El Paso Massacre Domestic Terrorism

‘I Am Going to Stop You Right There’ Fox News host Leland Vittert cautioned a guest about speculating on the causes of a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas that was allegedly carried out by a white nationalist. In an interview on Fox News following the mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, criminologist Brian Levin pointed to a “trend of young people from 19 to 21 who are radicalized on the internet.” “And then using the internet to memorialize their violence inscribing it in a book of evil...
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Chris Evans Rips Fox’s Tomi Lahren For Calling Migrants Seeking Asylum In US ‘Shi*ty Parents’

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren on Wednesday called desperate migrants who travel 2,000 miles with their children to seek asylum in the United States, “shi-ty” parents. “If you traipse your kid 2,000 miles in dangerous conditions you’re not only a criminal, you’re a sh–ty parent,” Lahren, who is also a Fox News contributor, tweeted on Tuesday evening. Lahren shared the remark half-an-hour into the first night of the second round of the 2020 presidential debates in Detroit. The remark was immediately denounced on social media...
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Meghan McCain Rages at Buttigieg for ‘Socialists’ Remark, But Then FOX News Proves Him Right: WATCH

View co-host Meghan McCain snapped at Pete Buttigieg for asserting during last night’s Democratic debate that it was time for Democrats to stop worrying about what Republicans are going to say because they’re going to call Dems “socialists” no matter what happens. If we embrace a far-left agenda, they’re going to say we’re a bunch of crazy socialists. If we embrace a conservative agenda, they’re going to say we’re a bunch of crazy socialists. So let’s stand up for the right policy, go up there, and defend it. #DemDebate—...
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Trump Erupts in Fury Attacking Fox News for Not Rigging Poll That Shows Biden Would Beat Him

President Donald Trump is blasting his favorite cable news channel for releasing a poll showing the current Democratic frontrunner would beat him in the 2020 race for the White House. Fox News polls, according to Trump, are “at it again. So different from what they used to be during the 2016 Primaries,” he tweeted, saying they used to be “Proud Warriors!” for him. “Now new Fox Polls, which have always been terrible to me (they had me losing BIG to Crooked Hillary), have me down to Sleepy Joe,” referring to...
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Fox & Friends: Mueller Testimony ‘Didn’t Change Anything…It Changed Everything, Because It Really Did Clear the President’

The “Fox & Friends” co-hosts Thursday morning continued their jobs as the cheerleading squad for the Trump presidency, heaping twisted, illogical, false praise on President Donald Trump so heavily that he turned around and tweeted it out to his 62 million followers. Speaking about Wednesday’s testimony by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller before two House committees, co-host Ainsley Earhardt shared her utterly false hot takes with millions of Fox News viewers, but mostly with the all-important audience of one. “I guess because it didn’t change anything,” Earhardt said, “we’re just...
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