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This is what it’s like to be a disabled, disfigured, gay transwoman

Changing Faces activist Mikaela Moody shares her experiences of being disabled, gay and transgender, and the challenges of ‘passing’ as a woman when you have a visible difference. Proud transgender, queer, disfigured woman Mikaela Moody was born with Crouzon syndrome, which affects the shape of her head and face. Growing up, her disfigurement increased her gender dysphoria as she didn’t believe she could be disabled and a trans woman. Now, she is a campaigner for Changing Faces as a confident trans woman. Watch the full interview with Mikaela Moody: Being...
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Black trans women keep being murdered. So this New Yorker decided to do something about it

At least 19 transgender people have been violently killed in the US this year, with all but one of them – Jordan Cofer, who was shot by his own brother in the Dayton mass shooting – being black trans women. The life expectancy for a black trans woman in the US is just 35 years old. “Their lives are being taken away from them simply for being who they are,” said Laverne Cox, in a July BuzzFeed interview. “We have to lift the stigma around trans people existing. Your attraction...
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Lesbian YouTubers Ari Fitz and Jade Fox share their coming out stories

Lesbian YouTubers Ari Fitz and Jade Fox have revealed how they first realised they were queer and what it was like coming out for the first time. In an episode of First Times, a PinkNews original series, they revealed the first time they went on a date, kissed a girl and coming out to their parents. Watch Ari Fitz and Jade Fox’s First Times: Coming out to her parents led Ari into a period of being “super homophobic” as the reaction wasn’t one she had hoped for. “I was genuinely afraid...
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Homophobia in football: This is what it’s like to be a gay fan and hear chants of ‘f****t’

Reports of homophobia in football have risen by 9%, according to the most recent study by Kick It Out. Darryl Telles, author of We’re Queer and We Should Be Here, has experienced homophobia in football over the last 40 years of being a loyal openly gay Tottenham Hotspur supporter. Coming out in the 70s, Telles believed he was “the only gay man that was into football”, but his “life changed forever”. According to Telles, stadiums have become a friendlier place for queer fans since the legislation of The Football Offences...
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Butch and femme lesbians react to awkward sex questions

We asked butch and femme lesbians to react to readers’ awkward questions about lesbian sex. From soft to stone butch, futch (a mix of femme and butch) and high femme, queer women express their gender in all sorts of glorious ways. We asked Helen and Maria, two femme lesbians, and Ro and Nana, two butch lesbians, to react to readers’ dilemmas and embarrassing sex questions. And yes, we’re talking tribbing, whether lesbians actually do scissoring and if they watch lesbian porn. Watch part one: Meaning of butch? Ro and Nana,...
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How to tell if a girl likes you: Bisexual YouTuber Elle Mills’ tips

Bisexual YouTuber Elle Mills won our hearts with her coming out video—now she speaks to PinkNews about dating and how to tell if a girl likes you. One year on from coming out loud and proud as bisexual, Elle Mills says she feels a “huge responsibility” being a voice for the LGBT+ community. She spoke to PinkNews about dating women, bisexuality and how to spot when a girl “likes you a little too much.” Watch Elle Mills’ interview here: Dating when you like girls Knowing whether a girl wants to...
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Gay age gap couple: ‘People assume we’re father and son’

Gay couple Mark, 55, and Kayleb, 22, have been dating for six years and regularly get mistaken for father and son. The pair, who met on Grindr, were initially in a Sugar Daddy arrangement, but after finding a strong connection they decided to become official. The pair became “a genuine couple that has love between us” and recently moved to Hawaii together with their two dogs. Kayleb had never been in a relationship prior to dating Mark but now the couple are planning to get married. They spoke to PinkNews...
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