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AOC Perfectly Smacks Down GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – aka ‘Moscow Mitch’

Last year a Republican primaried Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, calling him “Cocaine Mitch.” It didn’t seem to bother the Kentucky lawmaker much, but the current attacks he’s facing are really upsetting Leader McConnell. In the wake of blocking at least four bills to strengthen election integrity and security across the United States, Leader McConnell is now being called a “Russian asset” by a Washington Post opinion writer,  and “Moscow Mitch” on social media. Currently, #MoscowMitchMcTraitor is trending on Twitter. He’s reportedly “enraged.” McConnell has exactly zero right to be...
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‘To Hell With Gay Pride’: Trump-Loving Florida Politician Running Viciously Homophobic Campaign

Says Gay People ‘Choose to Be a Homosexual’ and Claims They “Love” Being in Jail A Florida man is running for a non-partisan seat on the St. Petersburg city council, and he’s running on an extremely homophobic platform. Chico Cromartie says being gay is not part of the “American principles.” He says being gay is a choice. And he says “to hell with gay pride,” according to the Tampa Bay Times. “He doesn’t honor the Pride flag, promises he won’t bow to ‘their agenda’ and thinks the LGBTQ community is thriving in...
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Busted! Trump Says Citizenship Question Necessary for Drawing Congressional Districts – Experts Say He Just Showed His Hand

President Donald Trump, who is literally on the verge of ignoring a U.S. Supreme Court ruling to not include a citizenship question on the Census, on Friday told reporters the “number one” reason he wants to add the question is for the drawing of congressional districts. Experts say he just showed his hand – or, as some said, “gave up the game.” If President Trump is trying to include a citizenship question for the drawing of congressional districts, he might be surprised to know that the U.S. Constitution makes clear...
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Australia’s Liberal party stands by candidate who shared anti-gay posts

The Liberal party in Australia has said it will stand by its candidate Allan Green after past anti-gay posts were uncovered. Green is running as a candidate for the right-wing Liberal party in Greenway in Sydney’s west, and told the Guardian that past anti-gay posts did not reflect his personal views. The Liberal party has reiterated his defence. In a 2015 Facebook post unearthed by the outlet, Green warned against the introduction of same-sex marriage. Liberal party candidate Allan Green said there would be no more mother’s and father’s day...
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