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The ‘Steven Universe’ Movie Will Be a Musical Featuring Chance the Rapper

The ‘Steven Universe’ Movie Will Be a Musical Featuring Chance the RapperHornet - The World’s Premier Gay Social Network https://hornet.com/stories/steven-universe-movie-will-musical-featuring-chance-rapper/...
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Bermuda to hold its first ever Pride parade this summer

The island had a rocky road when it came to marriage equality. The island of Bermuda will be holding its first-ever Pride parade on 31 August later this year. The march was organised by Liz Christopher, David Northcott and Chen Foley and will be sponsored by the LGBTQ organisation, OutBermuda. Speaking to The Royal Gazette, a spokesperson for the group said they were “proud” to be supporting the event. “There is an inherent value in a public celebration of our LGBTQ community in Bermuda as a reminder that we exist...
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FDR Four Freedoms Park transforms its steps into massive rainbow flag

The steps will be transformed as part of World Pride. As part of World Pride celebrations, the FDR Four Freedoms Park has announced that it will be transforming its steps into one of the largest rainbow flags in the world. The rainbow steps were unveiled yesterday (June 14), and will remain in place until the end of the month. The rainbow steps are intended to celebrate the progress of LGBTQ rights since the Stonewall riots in 1969, as well as the ongoing fight for universal equality. The park will be...
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German Health Minister aims to ban gay ‘conversion’ therapy within the year

Germany might be banning gay ‘conversion’ therapy later this year. The German Health Minister, Jens Spahn, has pledged to have made gay ‘conversion’ therapy illegal in Germany within the year. Spahn made the comments at a press conference held earlier this week. “My position is clear: homosexuality is not an illness, which is why it does not need to be treated,” he said. “I would very much like to have a bill this year that could then be presented to parliament.” The Health Ministry added that a ban was both...
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Neil Patrick Harris rejects the label of ‘gay icon’

Neil Patrick Harris was also the international ambassador to the Tel Aviv Pride. Former How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris has dismissed claims that he is a gay icon and symbol for the LGBTQ community. Speaking to the Associated Press, for his appearance as international ambassador at Tel Aviv Pride, he said: “I’m just a guy who is married to another guy and we have kids and we live our lives I would say as ‘normally’ as one would. “But I think normal is a very subjective...
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Anti-LGBTQ hate crimes have more than doubled in England and Wales in past five years

Crimes include stalking, harassment and violent assault. Anti-LGBTQ hate crimes have more than doubled in England and Wales in the past five years, analysis from The Guardian has shown. In 2013-2014, there were 4,600 reported anti-LGBTQ crimes. In 2017-2018, there were 11,600, an increase of 144%. Transphobic hate crimes had tripled from 550 to 1,650. And nearly half of the reported anti-trans attacks (46%) involved some form of violence, ranging from common assault to grievous bodily harm. For homophobic hate crimes, 40% of these involved violence against a person. Some...
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