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Former GOP Candidate Says Buttigieg Is ‘Going to Hell’ to Meet His Maker Because He Refuses to Repent for Being Gay

Virginia Republican E.W. Jackson says 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg Is “going to die and go to hell” because he’s gay and refuses to “repent” for his “wickedness.” He also compared the South Bend, Indiana mayor to a “temple prostitute,” and – rebuking Buttigieg – says the devil, not God, creates gay people. Jackson is a far right wing pastor who ran for the U.S. Senate in 2012 and 2018 and was the Republican Party’s nominee to become Lieutenant Governor in 2013. He “dedicated the bulk of his radio program...
E.W. JacksonLawNewsPete ButtigiegPoliticsReligionreligious extremistsright wing extremists

Right-Wing Pastor Falsely Claims Pete Buttigieg Wants to Turn America Into a ‘Homocracy’

Right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson dedicated a good portion of his “The Awakening” radio program yesterday to railing against Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign, declaring himself disgusted by seeing Buttigieg, who is gay, kiss his husband and warning that LGBTQ rights activists are trying to turn America into a “homocracy.” “A big old smack in the mouth between two men,” groused Jackson. “A normal man is disgusted by the idea of two men kissing each other on the mouth. A normal man is disgusted by that. People can try to be politically...
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‘You’ll Have to Kill Us’: Pastor Promises ‘Christians Are Never Going to Bow Down’ to Equality for LGBT People

‘Why in the world should Christians…be forced by the law to have two old, big strapping men go up in one of their rooms and have sex?’ Right-wing pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson spent most of his “The Awakening” program today ranting and railing against Islam. At one point, Jackson trotted out the favorite Religious Right talking point that Islam is not even a religion but is rather a totalitarian ideology that is entirely incompatible with our laws and our Constitution. Jackson insisted that, by contrast, Christians “don’t have...
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