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Saturday, April 20, 2019


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Drag Race Thailand host is putting their entire family in drag

Drag superstar and co-host Drag Race Thailand, Pangina Heals, is putting their family into drag. Pangina Heals, also known as Pan Pan Narkprasert, shared the makeovers of both his father and his 92-year-old grandma. For the first time, they dressed their dad (now also known as Chokaree Heals) in drag. ‘My dad said love has nothing to do with gender and he did drag with me to say to the world that art love and acceptance does not have a barrier or walls’ wrote Pangina Heals. Dressing my dad in...
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Here’s why James Charles is being dragged and schooled for his YouTube video

Beauty blogger and YouTuber James Charles is being dragged by Twitter after misusing a phrase from drag culture. The 19-year-old dropped a makeup tutorial on his channel last week (22 March) in which he misuses the phrase ‘ the house down.’ Instead referring it to as ‘the house.’ As a result, many LGBTI Twitter users slammed the star, with one saying: ‘LGBTI community, I’m so sorry.’ What’s the problem here? Charles posted a video in which he applies his makeup in alphabetical order. But throughout the video, Charles gives a...
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