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Actor Antonio Banderas says he ‘owes his life’ to a drag queen

Antonio Banderas has dramatically revealed that a drag queen once saved his life. The Spanish actor said he was driving a motorbike in 1976 when he got into a serious accident. “The front wheel of my motorbike went into a ditch and, boom! I hit a car and my head hit the tank,” he told The Independent. Banderas said his saviour – described as a ‘drag queen’ in a wig and dress – “came from nowhere, got in the middle of the road and stopped a car to take me...
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Army Of Drag Queens Use Hand Fans To Drown Out Poorly Attended Alt-Right Hate Rally

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Drag queens used their hand fans to drown out an alt-right demonstration organized by the Proud Boys, an extremist group with ties to white nationalism. The self-proclaimed “chauvinistic men’s group” attracted roughly 250 supporters to its Demand Free Speech rally in Washington, D.C. Saturday to protest what they contend is an anti-conservative bias on social media, reports USA Today. Proud Boys rally attendee with Trump sign ejected by police from #AllOutDC counter-protest after trying to provoke the crowd pic.twitter.com/LtCdukTbEx — Unicorn Riot (@UR_Ninja) July 6,...
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