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DOJ Sticks Its Nose in Lawsuit Against Archdiocese That Fired Gay Teacher – And Urges Court to Rule Against Him

Bill Barr’s Dept. of Justice is spreading its tentacles far and wide. While it has every legal right to do so, most might not expect the federal government to weigh in on a case filed in a state court, even a state superior court. And yet, it has. The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Indiana and the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division have filed a “Statement of Interest” telling the Indiana Superior Court it should rule against a teacher who is suing the...
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Director of National Intelligence Sent Whistleblower’s Complaint About Trump to DOJ – Which Refused to Prosecute

The Director of National Intelligence and the intelligence community’s inspector general both sent the whistleblower’s complaint against President Donald Trump to the U.S. Dept. of Justice, suggesting a criminal investigation be opened. The DOJ, under Attorney General Bill Barr, refused to prosecute the president. “The department’s criminal division reviewed the matters and concluded that there was no basis for a criminal investigation into Mr. Trump’s behavior,” The New York Times reports. “Law enforcement officials determined that the transcript of the call did not show that Mr. Trump had violated campaign...
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DOJ Obstructs House Impeachment Inquiry – Asks Federal Court to Block Release of Mueller Grand Jury Files: Report

In a stunning move iAttorney General Bill Barr’s Dept of Justice late Friday afternoon filed a 40-page brief with a federal court, declaring the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry is not an impeachment inquiry, in an attempt to block release of files related to the Mueller probe. It appears to be an unprecedented act, in which the top law enforcement agency is attempting to block Congress from carrying out its constitutional duties. The DOJ is attempting to block the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury files, according to...

Trump DOJ Tells Supreme Court It Is Legal To Fire Transgender Workers

The Trump administration on Friday informed the U.S. Supreme Court it is the opinion of the Dept. of Justice that it is legal under federal law for employers to fire transgender workers merely for being transgender. The DOJ’s brief states Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, does not apply to transgender workers. In reporting the development Buzzfeed calls it one of the Trump administration’s “most agressive steps yet to legalize anti-transgender discrimination.” Friday’s move comes just days after the...
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DOJ Censors Mueller Ahead of Highly-Anticipated Congressional Testimony

Claims ‘Presidential Privilege’ President Donald Trump’s Dept. of Justice is censoring former Special Counsel Robert Mueller ahead of his highly-anticipated congressional testimony Wednesday. According to Politico the Trump DOJ is claiming anything outside of what is already published in the special counsel’s 448-page report falls under “presidential privilege” and cannot be used during his testimony. “In extensive discussions since the former special counsel was subpoenaed to testify on June 25, department officials have emphasized that they consider any evidence he gathered throughout the course of his investigation to be ‘presumptively privileged’...
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Obama’s DOJ Authorized Investigation of Cops Connected to Death of Eric Garner – Trump’s DOJ Just Refused to Prosecute

The Trump Dept. of Justice will not bring charges against any of the New York City Police Dept. officers involved in the 2014 death of Eric Garner, despite the Obama Dept. of Justice having authorized an investigation into the 43-year-old Black man’s death. The Washington Post Tuesday morning broke the story, noting that the DOJ had yet to tell Garner’s family. They plan to meet with the family this morning, and hold a news conference at 11 AM. Under the Trump administration, the case “languished for years,” after then-Attorney General Loretta...

Another Judge Blocks DOJ’s Attempt to Swap Team of Attorneys in Census Citizenship Question Case

A second federal judge has just rejected the Dept. of Justice’s attempt to switch gears in the Census citizenship question case, blocking DOJ’s request that it be allowed to change teams of attorneys. Calling yesterday’s ruling a “well-reasoned order,” Judge George Hazel said he agrees that changing teams would be “disruptive” this late in the game, The Hill reports. “As a practical matter, the court cannot fathom how it would be possible, at this juncture, for a wholesale change in defendants’ representation not to have some impact on the orderly...
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‘Ominous’: Experts Weigh in on Desperate Donald’s DOJ Census Lawyers Shakeup

The Dept. of Justice late Sunday evening announced it is replacing its team of attorneys who have spent countless hours in the Trump administration’s long battle to get what some say is a racist citizenship question added to the 2020 Census. Experts are weighing in, with one calling the move “ominous.” “As will be reflected in filings tomorrow in the census-related cases, the Department of Justice is shifting these matters to a new team of Civil Division lawyers going forward,” DOJ spokesperson Kerri Kupec said in a statement. The New...
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US Justice Dept. Tells Court Migrant Children in Federal Concentration Camps Don’t Need Soap or Toothbrushes

The Trump administration’s Justice Dept. lawyers say migrant children detained in federal concentration camps do not need soap or toothbrushes despite a settlement agreement that requires the U.S. Government to keep them in “safe and sanitary” facilities. The DOJ also argues that the children, detained in the Southern border camps, can continue to sleep on cold concrete floors in overcrowded cells without being in violation of the agreement. The DOJ made the argument Tuesday before a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit, Courthouse News reports, noting the judges appeared “incredulous”...
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