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Friday, October 18, 2019


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Pete Buttigieg Clashes with Beto on Churches Losing Tax Exempt Status Over Anti-Gay Discrimination: ‘I’m Not Sure He Understood the Implications’ — WATCH

Mayor Pete Buttigieg clashed with fellow Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s view that churches that discriminate against gay people should lose their tax exempt statues. Buttigieg made his remarks in an interview Sunday with Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union. Asked Tapper: “Your 2020 opponent Beto O’Rourke said at the CNN forum on LGBT rights on Thursday night that he thinks religious institutions that do not hire or provide services to LGBTQ people, such as charities or colleges, even churches, that they should lose their tax- exempt status....
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Pete Buttigieg Delivers Epic Answer When Asked if ‘Religious Liberty’ Should Be Used to Deny Service to LGBTQ People

“Any freedom that we honor in this country has limits when it comes to harming other people.” Pete Buttigieg has the definitive answer to those who think their religious liberty takes priority over equality for LGBTQ people in America. Buttigieg, one of nine top Democratic presidential candidates to participate in Thursday evening’s HRC Equality Town Hall on CNN, was asked if he thinks people should be able to deny service to LGBTQ people based on so-called religious liberty. Or, as business owner and audience member Andrew Beaudoin asked, “As a Christian, can...
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This is what it’s like to be a disabled, disfigured, gay transwoman

Changing Faces activist Mikaela Moody shares her experiences of being disabled, gay and transgender, and the challenges of ‘passing’ as a woman when you have a visible difference. Proud transgender, queer, disfigured woman Mikaela Moody was born with Crouzon syndrome, which affects the shape of her head and face. Growing up, her disfigurement increased her gender dysphoria as she didn’t believe she could be disabled and a trans woman. Now, she is a campaigner for Changing Faces as a confident trans woman. Watch the full interview with Mikaela Moody: Being...
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SCOTUS Hears Arguments on Whether Title VII Bars LGBTQ Employment Discrimination: REACTIONS

Refresh this post for updates…. Today the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on Title VII and LGBTQ job discrimination, hearing cases involving whether someone can be fired from their job for being gay or transgender. Background on the cases HERE. Here are some initial reactions from those in the room. Bloomberg’s Greg Stohr: Gorsuch says that when a person is fired because of sexual orientation, that person's sex is at least a "contributing cause."— Greg Stohr (@GregStohr) October 8, 2019 Liberals all seemed firmly on employees' side. Kagan says language...
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SCOTUS to Hear Arguments on Whether it’s Legal to Fire Someone for Being Gay or Transgender

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday will start its term off with LGBTQ rights, hearing cases on Tuesday regarding whether someone can be fired from their job for being gay or transgender. Anthony Kennedy, who served as the swing vote on many LGBTQ rights cases over the past few decades, is no longer on the court. The Washington Post reports: “The issue for the court is the reach of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which, besides protecting against workplace discrimination because of race, also prohibits discrimination...
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Christian homeless shelter will receive thousands in damages after turning away a trans woman

A Christian homeless shelter in Alaska will receive $100,000 in damages after turning away a transgender woman who was living on the streets. Trans woman Jessie Doe was turned away by the Downtown Hope Center in Anchorage in the middle of the Alaskan winter, and she later filed a discrimination complaint. The Hope Center was investigated by the Anchorage Equal Right’s Commission because although Alaska has no state law protecting LGBT+ people from discrimination, the city of Anchorage has a civil rights ordinance that bans discrimination against people based on...
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Stanford University Swimmer Abrahm DeVine Says He Was Kicked Off Team Because He is Gay

Abrahm DeVine, the 2018 NCAA champion in the 400 individual medley who came out a year ago, says he was kicked off the Stanford University swim team because he is gay. Stanford coaches have released a statement denying his claims. View this post on Instagram As many of you know, I’m an openly gay swimmer and I am the only one at my level. I want to use this post to call out some of the homophobia that I’ve experienced being an athlete, and encourage everyone to be thoughtful and...
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Champion swimmer claims he was kicked off team for being gay

A university swimming champion in the United States has claimed that he was axed from the Stanford swimming and diving team for being gay. Abrahm DeVine came out publicly last year in an interview with Swimming World magazine, where he spoke about the challenges of being gay in sport. It seems that those challenges have not gone away since coming out, as DeVine has alleged that he was dropped from the Stanford swimming team because of his sexuality. Abrahm DeVine: Being kicked off team ‘comes down to the fact that...
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Gay Radio Host Seth Dunlap Plans Lawsuit Over Station’s ‘Fag’ Tweet as WWL Radio Hands Matter to Police

WWL Radio host Seth Dunlap, who was called a “fag” by his station’s Twitter account earlier this month after penning a personal op-ed about New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees’s involvement with anti-LGBTQ group Focus on the Family, has passed a polygraph test and is planning to sue his employer, Entercom Communications. Dunlap has been on a leave of absence from the station since the incident. Dunlap’s lawyer Megan Kiefer released a statement on Wednesday saying a discrimination lawsuit was being prepared. Wrote Kiefer: “It has been fifteen days since WWL...
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