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Friday, October 18, 2019


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Democrats Have a Plan to Accelerate Public Demand for Trump Impeachment

Republicans have outspent Democrats on the impeachment battle. That’s starting to change. According to a report from Politico, Democratic leaders are working with grassroots organizations to reach out to disaffected voters in an effort to drum up more support for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The report notes that the public was ahead of the Democratic leadership in their demand the president be brought to account for multiple crimes committed by the president while in office, but now top Democrats who urged caution and seeing the light and working...
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116 Democrats Now Call for Impeaching Trump – But Will It Happen?

At the time of this publication, there are 116 House Democrats (plus one independent – Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan) calling for an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. CNN reports that since Robert Mueller’s testimony on Capitol Hill, at least 21 House Democrats have come out publicly in support of an impeachment inquiry. There are currently six committees investigating the sitting president for wrongdoing. Supporters of an impeachment inquiry include: I joined @wolfblitzer to discuss how @HouseJudiciary will hold this President and his administration accountable. Judge Mehta’s decision was...
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