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This gay guy’s family for some reason thinks his open marriage is any of their business

A gay man is in a happy, loving relationship – with two other men – and naturally, his family are not happy about it. Funnily enough, it is not the parents of the man who are unhappy with the arrangement. Instead, it’s his two sisters and brother-in-law who have taken issue with the set-up. The troubling situation was written about in a letter to an advice columnist at Canada’s The Star. The father of one-third of the throuple wrote in to find out what he should do about the awkwardness...

Wife finds out her husband is gay after 20 years of marriage – and her reaction is eye-opening

An Irish woman has opened up about the pain of discovering that her husband of 20 years was gay. Speaking on RTÉ Radio One’s Liveline, the woman – who only gave her first name, Mary – said she thought she was “happily married” until she discovered her husband’s sexuality. “He was a good, decent, kind man. But he was living a lie,” she revealed. “I found out by accident and in that second I knew that my marriage was over. She continued: “I loved him. Love doesn’t die easily, it...
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This is why lesbian couples are far more likely to divorce than gay men

Lesbian couples are far more likely to get a divorce than gay men, accounting for around three quarters of divorces between same-sex couples in the UK. The same trend was also seen in the Netherlands, the very first country to introduce same-sex marriage in 2001. In the last ten years, 15 per cent of marriages between two men failed, compared with 30 percent between two women. Lisa Power, one of the co-founders of Stonewall, told The Economist that the number of lesbian couples getting divorced might have something to do...
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Elizabeth Warren wants you to dump your boyfriend, get a dog, and vote to tax the wealthy

US presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has a plan for that guy who’s been ghosting you. “Give him up! You’re too good for him,” was the emphatic response Warren gave to an Elle Magazine reader. “If he wants to go silent, let him go. He is not the one for you. Guys who do that… nuh-uh, you’re better than that,” the 70-year-old former Harvard law professor said. Her answer came in response to the first question sent in by an Elle reader, who asked: “I’ve been casually dating a guy for the past...
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Man ‘devastated’ after TikTok removed video of him kissing his boyfriend because it ‘violated community guidelines’

A man has claimed that TikTok removed a video of him sharing a kiss with his boyfriend at midnight on New Year’s Eve, saying that it violated their community guidelines. Mark Pasetsky is the former editor in chief of Life & Style and managing editor of OK! Magazine, and he spoke out about his experience in a piece for Campaign US.  The TikTok video was just a couple of seconds long and showed the couple sharing a kiss to the soundtrack of Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York’ with a sticker...
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