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Monday, August 19, 2019

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Scottish Greens launch campaign to get more non-binary people into politics

The Scottish Greens have elected two new co-leaders, Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater, for the first time – replacing the previous co-convener positions. Slater replaces Maggie Chapman, who was previously co-convener of the Scottish Greens along with Harvie but lost out in the leadership election. Getting more women and non-binary people elected is an immediate priority for Slater, who said that “we need more” women and non-binary people in politics. “We’re copying Women 50:50 – the theory being that women need to be asked, they don’t like to put themselves...
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Thousands support Polish ‘I am LGBT’ campaign on Twitter

Tens of thousands of social media users have joined in the #JestemLGBT campaign to show support for LGBT+ rights in Poland. The hashtag, which means I am LGBT, was launched this week by Twitter users. It aims to tackle homophobia and discrimination in a country deeply influenced by the Catholic Church and governed by the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party. One social media user wrote on Twitter: “This is a great initiative, so here’s my turn. #IamLGBT and I’m a journalist. You read my articles and you’ve probably seen...
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Denmark could soon allow trans teens to legally change gender

There is broad political support in Denmark for a change in the law which would allow transgender and non-binary people who are under 18 to legally change their gender. Denmark has allowed people over 18 to legally change their gender since 2014, however the law leaves out trans and non-binary teenagers. Now, most political parties—including the Social Democrats, Red Green Alliance, Social Liberal and Liberal parties—all support a change in the law to allow minors to legally change their gender too, Kristeligt Dagblad reports. Trans and non-binary young people can...
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Justin Trudeau makes historic visit to Canadian gay bar

Justin Trudeau has made history by becoming the first Canadian head of government to make an official visit to a gay bar. The Canadian Prime Minister dropped in to the Fountainhead Pub in Vancouver yesterday evening to mark the beginning of Pride week in the city, City News 1130 reports. In video footage circulated online, Trudeau can be seen walking into the outside seating area of the gay bar to a startled crowd who gave him a round of applause. He then moves through the crowd, shaking hands and taking...
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