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Friday, October 18, 2019

Craig Northcott

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Under Investigation: D.A. Who Bragged His Religious Beliefs Control His Decisions in Cases Against Same-Sex Spouses

A controversial Tennessee District Attorney is now facing an official state investigation after leaked audio exposed him bragging about refusing to recognize same-sex spouses as legally married, and doing so based on his religious beliefs. Those beliefs, Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott claimed, mean he doesn’t have to use the law to protect LGBT people. The state Court’s Board of Professional Responsibility is now investigating Northcott, the Tennessean reports. Northcott, in a 2018 speech to pastors bragged that his God does not recognize the marriages of legally-wed same-sex couples. He...
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TN District Attorney: Gay People Not Protected by Domestic Violence Laws Because Marriages Aren’t Recognized by God

A District Attorney in Tennessee is under fire for claiming gay people in his county do not have the same rights as straight people. Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott says because God does not recognize marriages of same-sex couples gay victims of domestic violence are not granted the same protections and he prosecutes those crimes merely as assault cases. “Well the reason where I came down in my evaluation was the reason that there’s extra punishment on domestic violence is to recognize and protect the sanctity of marriage,” Northcott told...
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