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Conservative commentator fired for attacking gay journalist online

Conservative commentator Denise McAllister has been fired from right-wing news website The Federalist after she sent a series of derogatory tweets to a gay journalist. Responding to the backlash, Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist, tweeted: “In response to your many inquiries, we’ve spoken and Denise McAllister will not be writing for us at The Federalist any more.” McAllister also said she had received a direct message from Ben Shapiro, who runs The Daily Wire—another website she wrote for—saying she was “no longer welcome.” She has claimed that she quit. The...
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Google appoints ‘transphobic’ conservative to AI ethics board

Google has come under fire for appointing a conservative ex-White House staffer, Kay Coles James, to its new artificial intelligence (AI) ethics board. James is one of eight members set to join Google’s new external advisory board, which the search giant says will “help advance the responsible development of AI.” “This group will consider some of Google’s most complex challenges that arise under our AI principles, like facial recognition and fairness in machine learning, providing diverse perspectives to inform our work,” said Google’s vice president of global affairs, Kent Walker,...
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Anti-LGBT record of Alberta conservative leader Jason Kenney exposed in election ad

An election advert has called out the “extreme” anti-LGBT record of the leader of Alberta, Canada’s United Conservative Party, Jason Kenney. Kenney is the official leader of the opposition in Alberta, and is tipped to make massive gains in the April 16 regional election. Ahead of the vote, the governing New Democratic Party have launched an ad campaign and a 10-minute documentary that targets his anti-LGBT record. Jason Kenney fought to repeal same-sex partnership rights during AIDS crisis The documentary explores Jason Kenney’s role in campaigning to overturn a 1989 San Francisco...
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