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GOP Congresswoman in Charge of Recruiting Republican Women to Run for Congress Quits Congress

“It’s OK to break the rules and not stay in the game until you’re defeated.” In response to their historically devastating losses in 2018, House Republicans vowed to attract more Republican women to run for Congress. They placed one of the very few Republican Congresswomen in charge of recruiting more GOP women to run for Congress. She just announced she’s quitting Congress. Rep. Susan Brooks, Republican of Indiana, says she will not run for re-election. As The Indy Star reports, Brooks “found someone she could not convince to run: herself.”...
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Trump’s Attorneys Tell Judge Congress Has No Authority to Investigate Any President’s Personal Affairs

President Donald Trump is trying to stop Congress from investigating him and from obtaining his financial records. His attorneys appear ready to do or say just about anything. Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon would likely be surprised over the latest claim by President Donald Trump’s personal attorneys: That Congress has no authority to investigate the personal affairs of any sitting President, as Buzzfeed’s Zoe Tillman reports. The highly-controversial claim was made in court on Tuesday by Trump’s personal attorney, William Consovoy, who “argued that Congress had little, if any, power to...
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