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Thursday, February 20, 2020


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Pete Davidson Jokes About Tugging a Gay Guy’s D in Netflix Comedy Special: TRAILER

Pete Davidson has an upcoming Netflix standup comedy special called Alive From New York and the newly-released trailer reveals a series of gags about his gay friendships. Davidson dug into some similar topics in a recent interview with PAPER magazine. Said Davidson on being an ally: “Well, nothing’s cooler to me than seeing my friends crush it. I also have the most talented friends ever. And I think my friends are a good reflection of me…anybody that I f**k with is sweet and morally sound, you know? I find it...
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Some Gay Men Do Prefer a Small D: WATCH

Some might find this idea hard to swallow (particularly his friends), but Michael Henry prefers “slippery twigs” over “massive man meat” any day. Do you have time for a guy who can’t shatter your pelvic floor? Find out who you agree with in Henry’s latest (wk-unfriendly) clip below. The post Some Gay Men Do Prefer a Small D: WATCH appeared first on Towleroad Gay News. https://www.towleroad.com/2020/02/small-d/...
comedyFunLifeNathan PEarsonNew York

Comedian reenacts having sex with his high school bully’s dad in a hilarious revenge fantasy

‘Your mum’ jokes are a staple of playground culture, but one comedian took the jab pretty literally in a sketch that has gone viral on YouTube. Albeit, with a slight twist. Queer comic Nathan Pearson performed ‘Guy f**ks his bully’s dad’ at New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on January 16, as part of the ‘Characters Welcome’ solo monologue showcase. But the full clip dropped last week and quickly tallied nearly 600,000 views since. Comedian Nathan Pearson becomes poster boy of revenge fantasies. In the routine, Pearson, based in Brooklyn,...
BullyingcomedyNathan PEarsontowleroadUpright Citizens Brigade

Man Gets Revenge on High School Bully by Screwing His Dad: WATCH

Nathan Pearson showcased revenge of the queerest kind, reenacting a scene of genius fantasy at Characters Welcome, a monthly comedy showcase at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. How does one best get revenge on a high school bully? While calmly eating a bowl of Honey Nut cheerios in the bully’s own kitchen and recalling the events of the night before. The post Man Gets Revenge on High School Bully by Screwing His Dad: WATCH appeared first on Towleroad Gay News. https://www.towleroad.com/2020/01/revenge-high-school-bully/...
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This ‘Smooth Bottom Twink’ Doesn’t Want to Be Labeled: WATCH

Michael passed Eric (Eliot Mac) on the street as he was on his way to gay brunch, and was shocked when Eric flipped around and said “I’m not gay.” After all, Eric was at last week’s game night/sex party getting banged by 10 guys according to his OnlyFans account. But Eric doesn’t adopt “divisive” labels and doesn’t want to be called anything, except maybe at smooth bottom twink week at Woody’s. The post This ‘Smooth Bottom Twink’ Doesn’t Want to Be Labeled: WATCH appeared first on Towleroad Gay News. https://www.towleroad.com/2020/01/smooth-bottom-twink/...
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Seth Meyers Reveals That Bowen Yang’s High School Classmates Predicted His SNL Future: WATCH

Bowen Yang, SNL’s first Chinese-American cast member and only the third openly gay cast member, told Seth Meyers about the audition impressions he did for the show (he was originally hired as a writer). Yang said eventually he ran out of Asian public figures so he did an impression of New York Times book reviewer Michiko Kakutani, who nobody has ever seen or heard. Yang also talked about his characters on the show including “trade daddy” and Kim Jong Un. He also revealed that in high school, his senior class...
Code switchingcomedyDarren BluestoneMichael HenryPaul McGovern Jr.Tonatiuhtowleroad

Can You Pass as Straight? — WATCH

What are the societal benefits one gets as a gay person who’s able to pass as straight? Do other gay men find you more attractive because you are perceived as heterosexual? Do you avoid getting called faggot in the streets? And are there benefits to being clearly gay – like being everyone’s “glittery” best friend and being able to throw on lips and a pair of heels? Not if it means you have “the burden of wearing your queerness 24/7….” Michael Henry, Darren Bluestone, Tonatiuh, and Paul McGovern Jr. take...
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Why Are the Sexiest Gays the Loneliest? — WATCH

If you cringed at that headline, you reacted correctly. Michael Henry schools a sexed out friend on loneliness and beauty in the gay community: “The way to make friends isn’t through your anus.” “But it’s not my fault,” the gym bunny responds. “They all want to have sex with me. … They’ll slide into my DMs like, ‘Why don’t you come to my dodgeball game,’ they’ll say. ‘Come to the gym with me,’ they’ll say. ‘Let’s eat carrots in the couch and drink vodka in the dark while my roommate’s...
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‘The Prom’ We’ve Been Waiting On Forever

Prom belongs to everyone including us. Whether you attended your own prom or ditched it all together, we can all somewhat recall the drama and pressures that surrounded the traditional high school event. To some, the end marker of our adolescents was a celebratory occasion of “Who are you going with?”, “Did you see their promposals?”, “I need to find the best outfit and coordinate it with who I’m going with?”, “What can we plan to make this night perfect?”, etcetera, etcetera. Unfortunately, this joyous frenzy is not as exciting...
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