China Takes Extreme Measures as Deadly Coronavirus Spreads: VIDEO

China has locked down three cities with a combined population of 20 million in an unprecedented effort to contain the deadly coronavirus. As of Thursday, the virus had killed 17 people and infected more than 634. #Wuhan virus #Shanghai #chernobyl.#coronavirus Gov’t Spraying disinfector in the residential area, sounds like chernobyl— Tom Zhao (@Zhao_Dading) January 21, 2020 The Wall Street Journal reports: On Thursday, authorities in Huanggang—a city of 7.5 million people—said they wouldn’t let long-distance trains and buses run from the urban center and would shut its public transportation...
CensorshipChinaentertainment]Film and TVmango tvNewsQueer EyeweiboWorldyou are so beautiful

New Chinese version of Queer Eye is completely straight – to the surprise of no one

A new Chinese reality show is suspiciously similar to Queer Eye… except every one of its Fab Five are straight. You Are So Beautiful was released on the state-owned streaming service Mango TV in December 2019, and the format is almost exactly identical. The show’s five hosts each have a speciality, and they put them to use giving life makeovers to one person per episode. Sound familiar? Wu Xin is in charge of hair and make up, Han Huo Huo handles fashion, Kun Ling overhauls their lifestyles, Fan Tian Tian teaches...
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One of China’s biggest tech companies just released a Chinese New Year ad starring a gay couple

An ad by e-commerce and tech multinational conglomerate Alibaba has been praised by gay communities in China for depicting, and supporting, same-sex couples. The Chinese company’s ad was circulated on Chinese social media and showed two men returning to one of their homes for Chinese New Year.  Alibaba’s Tmall promo subtly shows gay and lesbian couples celebrating new year with their families. The ad doesn’t explicitly mention LGBTQ but it’s a rare representation done by a big Chinese company. — Toni (but what’s your *real* name?) (@tony_zy) January 8,...
ChinaLawLGBT rights ChinaNational People's CongressNewsSame-sex marriageWorldYue Zhongming

China finally takes small step towards recognising same-sex marriage

China has taken a small step towards recognising same-sex marriage, and activists in the country are tentatively optimistic. A body of the county’s highest level of state power, the National People’s Congress, has publicly acknowledged petitions to legalise marriage equality. It was reported on the Chinese news site Ifeng that Yue Zhongming, spokesman for the commission for legislative affairs of the National People’s Congress standing committee, acknowledged for the first time petitions from the public to legalise same-sex marriage at a press conference. He said that the commission had received...
Chinagene editingHe JinkauiHealthHIVNewsWorld

Scientist who edited babies’ genes to make them ‘HIV immune’ jailed for three years

He Jiankui, the Chinese scientist who claimed to have created the first ever gene-edited babies, has been jailed for three years. Jiankui sparked a global backlash in November 2018 when he announced the birth of twin girls whose genes had been edited in an attempt to make them immune to HIV. A year on, he has been found guilty of “illegally carrying out the human embryo gene-editing intended for reproduction,” according to the state news agency Xinhua. He was sentenced to three years in prison and fined three million yuan...
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Same-Sex Kiss Cut from ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ in Singapore and UAE

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker‘s same-sex kiss, the first in the franchise and but a fleeting moment between two inconsequential characters near the end of the film, has been cut for broadcast in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. The BBC reports: “Singapore’s media regulatory body told the BBC that Disney cut the scene so it didn’t get a higher age rating. ‘The applicant has omitted a brief scene which under the film classification guidelines would require a higher rating,’ said a spokesperson from IMDA.  Without the kiss, the...
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TikTok admits it censored LGBT users in ‘wrong’ attempt to tackle online bullying

TikTok has admitted that in its early days it censored posts by users it deemed “vulnerable” in a misguided attempt to prevent online bullying. Documents obtained by the German site from an anonymous source at the Chinese-owned company showed that accounts and posts from LGBT+ people, body positive advocates and people with disabilities were being limited in their reach, regardless of content. The section in the moderate rules was titled: “Imagery depicting a subject highly vulnerable to cyberbullying.” It defines these “vulnerable” people as “susceptible to harassment or cyberbullying...
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