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Tuesday, June 18, 2019


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LGBTQ World News Digest: 20 International Stories You Need to Know About

KENYA. High court upholds law making gay sex illegal: ‘Same-sex relations have been banned since the British colonized Kenya in the late 19th century. Kenya’s penal code criminalizes “carnal knowledge against the order of nature.” Anyone found engaging in same-sex relationships could face up to 14 years in prison.The Kenyan High Court declined to decriminalize same-sex relations. The decision was a setback to the LGBTQI moment in Africa, where same-sex relationships are largely seen as taboo.’ ALSO: First Gay Couple Marries in Taiwan as Marriage Equality Comes to Asia: WATCH...
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Grindr’s Chinese Owner Will Sell It by 2020 After U.S. Labels It National Security Risk

In April we reported that Grindr, the leading gay social app, was up for sale by Kunlun, the Chinese firm which acquired it in 2016, after a U.S. Government panel said it is a “national security risk.” Kunlun has agreed to sell the app by June 2020, CNN reports: “Until then, the firm says Grindr will not transmit any sensitive information to China, though it is not clear how that will be enforced. … While CFIUS has not revealed its reasoning behind the Grindr decision, concerns may have been at...
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‘Literally How an Economy Doesn’t Work’: Economic Experts Mock Trump’s Early AM China Tariffs Tweetstorm

“The President’s been lying, non-stop, saying that China would pay for the tariffs – just like Mexico would pay for the wall.” President Donald Trump followed up his weekend of nearly 100 tweets with an early Monday morning tweetstorm starting at 6:09 AM. Most of the President’s tweets were in defense of his tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of goods imported from China into the U.S. – the vast majority of which increase costs to Americans because the tariffs are paid for by the companies that import the...
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