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Brazil’s Largest Newspaper Publishes Massive ‘Avengers’ Gay Kiss in Defiance of Rio Mayor

Brazil’s largest newspaper Folha de S. Paulo published a massive front page photo of the gay kiss from a Marvel Avengers comic book series banned by the mayor of Rio de Janeiro last week. The move came as the Supreme Court blocked the mayor from removing the books from city shelves. This is the gay kiss in a Marvel graphic novel that Rio de Janeiro’s radical Christian mayor Marcello Crivella tried to censor at the city’s biggest book event. That’s the response by Brazilian newspaper Folha de S Paulo. pic.twitter.com/ieIWLC8Ee9—...
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Rio De Janeiro Authorities Ban ‘Avengers’ Comic Book Series Over Gay Kiss

Officials in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil have banned the comic book series Avengers: The Children’s Crusade because of a kiss between two male characters. The Hollywood Reporter writes: “Rio de Janeiro mayor Marcelo Crivella has announced that the translated edition of the Marvel comic book series Avengers: The Children’s Crusade would be removed from the literary festival Riocentro Bienal do Livro so as to protect the city’s children from what he described as “sexual content for minors.” The so-called sexual content in question is an on-panel kiss between two male characters, Wiccan...
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School Principal Who Fought to Ban Books Over ‘Homosexual Content’ Arrested for Lewd Photos of Children

Philip Todd Wilson / Clark County Detention Center Philip Todd Wilson, a former Kentucky school principal who ten years ago fought to ban books said to include “homosexual content” has been arrested and charged on 30 offenses related to possession and distribution of sickening photos of children. The Winchester Sun reports: ‘According to Wilson’s arrest citation, state troopers in Richmond received a complaint Tuesday morning that Wilson possessed “explicit child p*rn*graphy” and had distributed it to another individual. KSP Detective Austin Brashear said in the citation that he interviewed Wilson...
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Top Conservative Broadcaster Cumulus Media Blocks Its Own Radio Stations From Airing Pete Buttigieg Interview

The third largest AM and FM broadcaster in America is blocking an interview one of its radio hosts conducted with Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. Cumulus Media, a conservative broadcaster that owns and operates over 400 radio stations in 87 media markets across the country, told Blair Garner, host of The Blair Garner Radio Show, he could not air any part of his interview with Buttigieg. Garner said via Twitter, “My employer decided I couldn’t air it.” Garner hosts his show on FM country music radio stations and is nationally...
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