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‘Homophobic’ Catholic chastity campaigner cancels tour ‘due to illness’ after his talks were pulled

An American chastity campaigner has pulled out of his Irish tour “due to illness” after a number of his talks were cancelled over his views on homosexuality. Jason Evert is an evangelist who promotes conservative Catholic teachings around sex and marriage. In his book Pure Manhood, he argues that “the homosexual act” is disordered and goes against God’s natural purpose for sex, which is for “babies and bonding”. The Chastity Project, an organisation Evert founded with his wife Crystalina, also says that many people who experience homosexual attractions have suffered...
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Student at Catholic university tried to blackmail her gay teacher for a higher grade by threatening to out them

A professor at a Catholic university has told of how a failing student threatened to out them to their superiors if they didn’t give her a higher grade. The unnamed teacher shared their experience on the ‘Anonymous Professor‘ Twitter account, which posts stories submitted by academics and faculty members. “A student just came into my office to complain about their grade from last semester,” they began. “When I refused to just grant a higher mark, she dropped this: ‘So you’re Catholic and gay? I mean, does the president and D....
A Primeira Tentação de CristoBrazilCatholicentertainment]Film and TVgay JesusnetflixNewsPorta dos FundosReligionThe First Temptation of ChristWorld

Netflix ordered to pull ‘gay Jesus’ Christmas film after outrage from millions of Catholics

A judge in Brazil has banned a Netflix Christmas film that depicts Jesus as gay after millions of Catholics in the country complained. More than two million people signed a petition to ban the parody “gay Jesus” Netflix film, A Primeira Tentação de Cristo, or The First Temptation of Christ, for “seriously offending Christians”. The film follows Jesus, “who’s hitting the big 3-0”, bringing his boyfriend home to meet his family at Christmas. A Primeira Tentação de Cristo was created by Brazilian comedy group Porta dos Fundos, whose offices were attacked...
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Almost a million people petition to ban Netflix’s ‘gay Jesus’ Christmas film

A Brazilian comedy group have released a Netflix special Christmas film, a parody about gay Jesus bringing his boyfriend home to meet Mary and Joseph, and religious conservatives have reacted with great anger and furious vengeance. Almost a million people in the predominantly Catholic country have signed a petition against the parody gay Jesus Netflix film, A Primeira Tentação de Cristo, or The First Temptation of Christ, for “seriously offending Christians”. Porta dos Fundos, which literally means “back door”, is a comedy group of five people from Rio de Janeiro who...
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‘Viral’ Catholic petition against a gay Hallmark Christmas movie turns out to be fake

A Catholic news site launched a petition against a hypothetical Hallmark Christmas movie featuring a same-sex couple and claimed it had gone “viral” with 25,000 signatures. This turned out to not be the case. Last month, Hallmark was widely criticised for not featuring a single LGBT+ character in a leading role in any of the 40 Christmas movies it was releasing for this year’s holiday season. However, executives at Hallmark’s parent company Crown Media told The Wrap that they were “looking at pitches for LGBTQ movies”, and in an interview last...
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Catholic high school threatened to out gay student to her parents if she didn’t go to counselling

A gay teenager at a Catholic high school was left “anxious” and “afraid” after she was forced by the school to attend counselling under the threat of being outed by her teachers. Magali Rodriguez attended Bishop Amat Memorial High School, the biggest Catholic high school in Los Angeles, and she and her girlfriend were the only openly LGBT+ couple among 1,300 students. She told Buzzfeed that although she knew that Catholic teachings often forbid same-sex relationships, she had checked in the student handbook that it was not against the rules...
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‘It’s Not Rape If You Enjoy It,’ Says Teen Involved In Native American Elder Incident. Gets Invite To White House

A confrontation between MAGA-hat-wearing students at Covington Catholic High School and a Native American elder sparked a nationwide conversation about racism and a fierce debate about who the real victims are. HuffPost first reported on a new video from the confrontation showing a student, who has not been confirmed to be a Covington Catholic High School student but is part of a group of teens that includes students from that school, shouting, “It’s not rape if you enjoy it.” Some students can be heard laughing, while others gasped. Latest Covington...
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