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A gay couple got engaged right in front of Brie Larson and her reaction should be framed and hung in the Louvre

Brie Larson reacting to a gay couple getting engaged at Comic Con may be the purest thing the internet has ever seen. The Captain Marvel actress has gone viral after photos emerged of her reacting with seemingly uncontainable excitement to a gay man popping the question to his boyfriend. Larson was having a photo taken with the two gay fans at Comic Con over the weekend when one of the men unexpectedly got down on one knee. A series of photographs show Larson’s facial expressions changing rapidly from one of shock to...
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Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson love shipping their Marvel characters

Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson have delighted their queer followers by repeatedly tweeting fan art of their Marvel characters as a couple. Larson and Thompson, who play Captain Marvel and Thor: Ragnarok‘s bisexual hero Valkyrie respectively, have posted two images which ship their superhero characters together. The first piece of art shows Captain Marvel cradling Valkyrie against a background of bisexual colours. Larson quote-tweeted the creation on March 18, writing: “We cute @TessaThompson_x.” Thompson responded by quote-tweeting her post, adding the caption: “WHAT. we so cute @brielarson.” We cute @TessaThompson_x...
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