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Mom Arrested For Confronting Son’s Classmates Over Homophobic Bullying

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); A South Carolina mother was arrested last month after she confronted her son’s elementary school bullies who physically and verbally tormented him for over a year. Jamie Rathburn told CNN that she regrets breaking the law, but doesn’t regret standing up for her child who was called “gay” and “stupid” and would come home with bruises and scratch marks on his neck. “I don’t regret standing up for my child one bit,” she says. “I regret the way I did it.” (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||...
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Mom Arrested for Entering School and Confronting Son’s Homophobic Bullies: WATCH

A South Carolina mother was arrested after entering an elementary school and confronting her son’s homophobic bullies. KTVU reports: “The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said Rathburn entered Greenbrier Elementary School without permission and began yelling at a class of third-grade students, pointing her finger in a threatening manner. Beth Brotherton, director of communications for the Greenville school district said that Rathburn had admitted she did not know who the bullies were, but Rathburn insists she did.” According to Rathburn, “He was told that he was ugly, that he was stupid,...
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Mother of Gay Alabama Teen Who Took His Own Life Speaks Out in Heartbreaking Interview: WATCH

In a heartbreaking interview, the mother of Nigel Shelby, the 15-year-old Alabama teen who took his life last week after being bullied for being gay, says she wants people to know more about him than that: “He was sunshine. He was such a good spirit to have around. It breaks my heart because I feel like he had so much more love to give.” EARLIER: Nigel Shelby, a Gay Alabama Teen, Took His Own Life After Suffering Homophobic Bullying “Coming out at such a young age. It can be hard,”...
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