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Gay writer Larry Kramer wants more people to write about gay history for an important reason

Legendary gay writer Larry Kramer has said he wants more authors to consider writing about gay history, claiming that most respected historians are straight. “They wouldn’t know a gay person if they took him to lunch,” Kramer told The New York Times. “A good example is Ron Chernow’s biography of Hamilton, which doesn’t include the fact that he was both gay and in love with George Washington. Gore Vidal pointed this out to me,” he added. Larry Kramer also touched on the controversy generated by his early works, including his...
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Jonathan Van Ness has written a children’s book about a non-binary guinea pig and it’s incredible

Jonathan Van Ness, otherwise known as JVN, of Queer Eye fame has written a book for children that features a non-binary guinea pig as the main character, and it’s incredible. Van Ness, 32, came out as non-binary in June 2019, and revealed to Out magazine that he prefers he/him pronouns but does not identify as a man, saying “somedays I feel like a boy and somedays I feel like a girl”. Peanut Goes for the Gold, which came out yesterday (January 7), was published by Harper Collins and illustrated by Gillian Reid....
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Researchers find rare Victorian book that argued for acceptance of homosexuality

A largely forgotten 19th century book that argued for the acceptance of homosexuality in Victorian society has been rediscovered after a rare copy was found. The book – titled A Problem in Greek Ethics – was written by John Addington Symonds in 1883 and delved into the acceptance and celebration of same-sex relationships in Ancient Greece. Unsurprisingly for the time, the book never made it into the mainstream. The prejudices of the time – and a harsh judicial regime – meant that most gay people lived their lives in secret....
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Meet the religious, conventional straight couple who ran a secret gay porn empire in the 1980s

A conventional, religious straight couple secretly ran an LA gay porn empire in the 1980s, and now the family have spoken out about their double life. Karen and Barry Mason met at a Jewish singles night, had three children and began their careers in regular jobs. Karen worked as a journalist, and Barry was a special effects engineer for films like Star Trek and 2001 Space Odyssey.  But according to the BBC, when the family ran into some financial problems Karen saw an advert in the LA Times looking for a...
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Boris Johnson’s resurfaced novel contains horrific ‘racist, misogynistic, homophobic’ references

A novel written by Boris Johnson in 2004 is receiving fresh condemnation as a new Twitter account is bringing excerpts back into the spotlight, tweet by tweet. Seventy-Two Virgins is described as a “comic political novel” and stars a blonde, bicycling, buffoonish Tory MP (sound familiar?) named Roger Barlow. “To a man like Roger Barlow,” Johnson writes, “the whole world just seemed to be a complicated joke… everything was always up for grabs, capable of dispute; and religion, laws, principle, custom – these were nothing but sticks from the wayside...
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Donald Trump Jr sinks to new lows by urging his followers to ruin Thanksgiving dinner for ‘liberals’

Donald Trump Jr has shown that he’s perfectly happy with the division his father is sowing throughout the country by urging his followers to ruin Thanksgiving by “triggering a liberal”. For the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Trump Jr is promoting his new book, Triggered by encouraging his fans to film themselves triggering a liberal at the dinner table. “Trigger a liberal Thanksgiving! Have some fun and talk politics at the Thanksgiving table,” he tweeted on Wednesday. The person who tags him in the best photo or video of “something/someone triggered maybe with...
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