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He Opposes Same-Sex Marriage and Gay Judges and He’s Now One Step Closer to Becoming a Federal Judge

Attorney Howard Nielson has argued that same-sex couples should not have the right to marry because marriage should be reserved for couples who will procreate – produce children. He’s argued that same-sex couples would not be capable parents. He argued in defense of California’s Prop 8. And he’s argued that the judge who decided California’s Prop 8 was unconstitutional was not capable of delivering an impartial ruling because he is gay and in a committed, long-term same-sex relationship. Nielson has also argued against equal opportunity and affirmative action, argued that the...
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Australia’s Liberal party stands by candidate who shared anti-gay posts

The Liberal party in Australia has said it will stand by its candidate Allan Green after past anti-gay posts were uncovered. Green is running as a candidate for the right-wing Liberal party in Greenway in Sydney’s west, and told the Guardian that past anti-gay posts did not reflect his personal views. The Liberal party has reiterated his defence. In a 2015 Facebook post unearthed by the outlet, Green warned against the introduction of same-sex marriage. Liberal party candidate Allan Green said there would be no more mother’s and father’s day...
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