anti-gayanti-LGBTanti-transArchbishopCharles ChaputNewsPhiladelphiaPopeReligionUS

Pope accepts resignation of conservative archbishop who thinks people choose to be gay

The Pope has accepted the resignation of the Catholic archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles Chaput, who believes that being gay is “disordered” and a choice. All Catholic bishops and archbishops are required to hand in their resignation when they turn 75, but the Pope can either accept their resignation or reject it and allow them to stay on. The New York Times reported: “In this case, the Pope did not wait long before saying yes.” Chaput is infamously anti-LGBT+ and, although the Catholic church is not generally inclusive of LGBT+ people,...
anti-gayanti-LGBTBUSINESSChick-fil-Amacdonald aviemore resortNewsreadingReligionscottish highlandsUKuk location

Chick-fil-A still wants a permanent UK restaurant despite immense backlash and two branches already closing

Despite immense backlash over its funding of anti-LGBT+ organisations, Chick-fil-A has insisted that it will push forward with opening a “permanent” UK location. The statement comes on the same day that the UK’s only remaining Chick-fil-A shut its doors after facing a fierce public boycott. A second location in a shopping centre in Reading was also forced to close after sustained pressure from LGBT+ activists. The chicken chain said the closure of the restaurant inside the Macdonald Aviemore Resort in the Scottish Highlands was not related to the backlash, despite a petition...
advertAmerican Family Associationanti-LGBTBurger Kinghate groupNewsOne Million MomsParentingUS

Anti-LGBT hate group starts another petition, this time because Burger King said ‘damn’ six months ago

The religious anti-LGBT+ hate group American Family Association has started yet another petition, this time over a Burger King advert in which someone says: “Damn, that’s good”. The petition has been issued through One Million Moms, a website created by the American Family Association, which Southern Poverty Law Centre designated anti-LGBT+ hate group. The group is notorious for its boycotts of companies which show any hint of being pro-choice, sex-positive or inclusive of LGBT+ people. The evangelical group slammed US broadcaster PBS in May 2019 after an episode of Arthur...
anti-LGBTGayhomophobicKevin SwansonpastorReligionUS

This homophobic pastor would rather smear s**t over himself than see his son marry a man

This homophobic pastor hates gay people so much that he would rather cover himself in s**t than see his son marry a man. Kevin Swanson delivered an impassioned plea to the attendees at the National Religious Liberties Conference in Des Moine, Iowa where he asked them to not attend same-sex weddings. “There are families, we’re talking Christian families, pastors’ families, elders’ families, in good godly churches,” Swanson said. “Their sons are rebelling, hanging out with homosexuals and getting married and the parents are invited. What would you do if that...
anti-LGBTDonald Trumpfederal courtLawNewsSteven MenashiUS

Longtime opponent of queer people and Trump aide confirmed for lifetime seat on federal court

Steven Menashi, a Trump aide with a lengthy history of anti-LGBT+ rhetoric, has been handed a lifetime appointment to the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The US Senate voted 51-41 to appoint Menashi to the court, with every Democrat in attendance voting to oppose the nomination, as well as one Republican, Maine senator Susan Collins. Democrat senate minority leader Charles E Schumer described Menashi as a “bottom crawler” who “does not deserve to be on the bench,” according to Roll Call. “What he said about civil rights,...
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