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Bisexual woman receives problematic advice after asking how to break up with her boyfriend

A bisexual woman consulted an agony aunt on how to break up with her boyfriend who she just sees as a friend, and the advice she received was questionable. She wrote to sex and relationship expert Jessica Leoni through the website Female First. The anonymous woman said: “I’ve identified as bisexual now for a while, but I don’t feel like that aligns with who I am and how I feel. “When I think about romance, I see a girl, not my boyfriend of two months. “The more and more I...
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Woman epically shut down over fears her boyfriend is gay because he had sex with a man 25 years ago

A woman has been epically shut down by an advice columnist after she wrote a bizarre letter detailing her fears that her boyfriend is secretly gay. The woman wrote to Slate’s sex advice columnist Stoya where she explained that she is new to dating after going through a divorce. But her new boyfriend, who is also divorced, once had sex with a man 25 years ago. Therefore, he must be gay, the woman writes. Her boyfriend “says it was a one-time only thing”, but she is not convinced. “I doubt...
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Closeted 65-year-old gay man says he’ll take ‘secret of his sexuality’ to his grave in heartbreaking letter

As much as Prides are packed with allies and there feels like more LGBT+ characters on TV than ever, the reality is that being queer is different for everyone. Not everyone is necessarily ‘out and proud’ in 2019. And for one 65-year-old man, the security of the closet is something he may ultimately take to his grave. “I’m a 65-year-old man, I am gay but have never admitted this to anyone,” he wrote to The Atlantic‘s resident life guru, Lori Gottlieb. The man explains that while he believes his friends...
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Straight man complains his gay friend is innocently flirting with him and soon gets put in his place

The head of a straight man must be an exhausting and strange place, if this guy who wrote into an advice column is any indication. Writing into The Age‘s life and relationships agony aunt, the man, from New South Wales, Australia, is in quite the predicament. “One of my friends who recently came out as gay has started flirting with me, even though he knows I’m straight and therefore have no interest in him,” he explained. “I have frequently reminded him of this when the need has arisen. “What can...
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