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Sunday, April 21, 2019


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Bernie Sanders Promised to Run as a Democrat – Yet He’s Ignoring the DNC’s Fox News Ban and Agreeing to Do Their Town Hall

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) once again announced this year he’s running for president – as a Democrat. To do so this time, as opposed to 2016, he was forced to agree to several new Democratic National Committee (DNC) rules designed to ensure the party, its platforms, its assets, tools, voter rolls, and donations are used to support a Democratic candidate. Those new rules, adopted last June, call for “good faith” participation as a Democrat. Within weeks of declaring his run as a Democrat he did not change his party affiliation,...
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Trump Is Already ‘Setting the Stage’ to Claim Democrats Stole the 2020 Election: CNN’s Toobin

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said Wednesday that President Donald Trump’s address at last night’s NRCC dinner – in which he suggested that Democrats won their elections in 2018 through fraud – showed he was already “setting the stage” to challenge the results of the 2020 election if he loses to a Democratic challenger. “Let’s do a fact check first. The Senate and governor’s race in Florida, very close, went Republican. The governor’s race in Georgia, very close, went Republican,” Toobin said. “So the idea that the Democrats won every...
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GOP Congressman Threatening to Bolt Party to Run Against Trump

On Monday, MLive reported that Rep. Justice Amash (R-MI), a libertarian-minded conservative increasingly at odds with President Donald Trump, said he “can’t rule out” abandoning the GOP — and running against Trump on the Libertarian Party ticket in 2020: “I think my message does resonate with a lot of people,” said Amash, now in his fifth Congressional term. “There are people who are tired of the way it works and are coming to understand that the problem is this two-party duopoly and the partisan fighting that is nonstop. If people...
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Here’s How Pete Buttigieg Can Win the 2020 Democratic Party Nomination — According to Science

The unusually crowded Democratic presidential stage may overwhelm voters with choices, and that could make it difficult for candidates to stand out. Behavioral science predicts that the “cereal aisle effect” may suppress turnout, as the crowded Chicago mayoral field did, while also causing voters to mentally sort out candidates they don’t think can win, reported Politico Magazine. The scholarly research on choice suggests hardcore Democratic voters may end up “(kicking) the tires for so long that they’ll start complaining that their toes hurt,” and those who decide early will most...
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Cory Booker: Trump administration’s anti-LGBT policies are ‘moral vandalism’

Presidential hopeful Cory Booker has accused the Trump administration of “moral vandalism” over LGBT+ rights. Two Democratic Presidential hopefuls, Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, were invited to speak to LGBT+ campaigners at the Human Rights Campaign’s 2019 LA Dinner on Saturday (March 30). In their speeches, the two 2020 challengers both railed at the regressive stances taken by the Trump administration. Cory Booker: Moral vandalism coming from White House Booker said: “We have a moment now where there are outrageous things happening. A moral vandalism is coming from this...
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