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Friday, February 28, 2020

Christian activist blames the Pope for cancellation of his ‘F****ts Are Maggots’ tour inspired by Donald Trump


A Christian activist eager to travel around all 50 US states for a ‘F****ts are Maggots’ tour was blocked from doing so by Pope Francis.

In the double bill of tour closures, following a planned tour of Britain by hate preacher Franklin Graham tattered by venue cancellations, Michael Heath’s tour failed to rope in the support from religious and hate group leaders, he said.

According to a blog post, Heath wanted to trail the US to tout the word of president Donald Trump.

He explained that the Holy Spirt told him to use the words “f****ts” and “maggots” and other religious strikes against being gay.

But in a plot twist, he has since said that the Pope wouldn’t “help” him with the tour, and then alleged that God told him to make up the lie that the tour… would happen.

Christian right wing pundit ‘nudged’ by God to go on tour.

In the blog post titled, “I was(n’t) kidding”, the preacher said: “For a bit over a week I’ve been salting my COLUMNS with the English words, ‘f***ot’, and ‘maggot’.

“I started doing it with a promise that I’d do a World Tour because it is a fact that F****ts are Maggots.

“I probably won’t do the Tour.  Not because I don’t want to do it.

“I won’t do it because Tony Perkins, Tim Wildmon, Franklin Graham, Jim Dobson and Pope Francis won’t help me.”

Heath then spiralled into a series of strange statements. “Christianity doesn’t prove compassion by tolerating sodomy and baby murder,” he said, before describing sodomy and abortion as “deathstyles”.

Earlier this month, Heath, of Helping Hands Ministries, said he would go on the tour while on a livestream captured by Right Wing Watch. Yet, in the blog post, he u-turned.

“What… you think it doesn’t take money and institutional support to do a fifty-state tour before the Presidential election?!” he wrote.

“You know it does. I knew that when I wrote the COLUMN.

“I didn’t care when I wrote it whether I could fulfil the promise. I felt a nudge of the Holy Spirit telling me that I should write and publish it anyway.”


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