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Tony Directs, Julie Bowen, Joe Biden, Whale Captivity, Kylie Jenner, Justin Amash, Martha Plimpton, Max Adonis: HOT LINKS


EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO AMERICA. Biden to take on Trump in forceful speech: “Biden’s remarks, released early by the campaign, mark some of Biden’s most pointed attacks of the president — mentioning his name 44 times, and hitting Trump for his tariff policy and the impact it has on Iowa farmers and manufacturers.”


TONE DEAF. Kylie Jenner holds Handmaid’s Tale-themed birthday party. “so…..who’s gonna tell her that her party is literally celebrating female enslavement for their biological reproduction??”

DEFIANCE. Some embassies still hoisting rainbow flags despite Trump administration advisory.

CANADA. Whale and dolphin captivity BANNED. Will ban single-use plastics in 2021.

DEM DEBATE. NBC announces that José Diaz-Balart, Savannah Guthrie, Lester Holt, Chuck Todd, and Rachel Maddow will moderate the first Democratic debate, later this month from downtown Miami.

MALE MODELS GALORE. Victor Pinheiro, Juan Betancourt, Austin Scoggin, Jake Hobbs, Bobby Penney and more.

FINALLY. Justice Department agrees to turn over key Mueller probe evidence: ‘The precise scope, volume or usefulness of the material was not immediately clear, but the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Representative Jerrold Nadler of New York, said it would include “interview notes, firsthand accounts of misconduct and other critical evidence” collected by Mr. Mueller from the White House and former officials.

QUEER EYE’S FAB 5. The people who changed their lives.

JUSTIN AMASH. GOP Congressman leaves conservative Freedom Caucus: ‘Amash’s series of tweets in mid-May shook Capitol Hill, as the conservative Michigan lawmaker said special counsel Robert Mueller’s report established “multiple examples” of Trump committing obstruction of justice. Amash was later insulted by Trump for his opinions — the President said he’s “been a loser for a long time” — and faced blowback from top Republican officials. He’s also now facing a primary challenger who is touting his support of Trump.’

MOURNFUL. Martha Plimpton says she feels alienated by her country.

DONE. Pride Foundation of Maryland quits YouTube: “Our decision is a direct response to YouTube’s decision regarding Steven Crowder’s targeted harassment and homophobic abuse of Carlos Maza, the openly gay journalist at Vox and producer of its Strikethrough web series. We’ve watched the various video segments on Crowder’s channel in which he offers rebuttals to content created by Vox. Not all of the videos Crowder attempts to rebut feature Maza, but those which do are characterized by repeated antigay slurs, sexual innuendo, and mocking references to Maza’s speech, mannerisms, and identity as a gay man. It didn’t take us an algorithm to find the blatant homophobia in Crowder’s videos. We knew it when we saw it.”

ALABAMA. Mother wants answers from school in gay son’s suicide: ‘Nigel Shelby, 14, killed himself in April, and his mother said adults at Huntsville High School knew what he was going through and responded at least once by telling him “being gay is a choice.” Whatever else they may have said and why they didn’t warn her is what nationally known civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump vowed to find out today. Crump and attorney Jasmine Rand have been retained by the family to investigate Nigel’s death.’

UNDER A ROCK. Tig Notaro tries to guess who Julie Bowen is.

NAILED. With Tony Directs.

LGBT CULTURE OF THE DAY. i-D visits the Sage Center.

ICYMI. James Corden’s TONY awards opening.

TWO FOR TUESDAY. Max Adonis and friend at Sitges Pride.

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