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Anti-gay Nazi Jovanni Valle gets egged after homophobic speech


An anti-gay nazi has been filmed being egged by a protester in Times Square.

Right-wing activist Jovanni Valle was alleged to have been shouting homophobic abuse prior to the incident.

A video with the caption: “Video of a Nazi getting EGGED b**ch” went viral and showed Valle, wearing a swastika necklace, parading around New York carrying an unidentified flag.

According to the Daily Mail the 26-year-old said “homosexuality was due to a chemical imbalance”, and “It’s hurting children, because children grow up mentally ill not knowing who they are.”

Video of Nazi getting egged goes viral

The video shows Valle being confronted by people asking why he was wearing a swastika necklace.

A man carrying a brown paper bag then sneaks up behind him and throws an egg over the back of Valle’s head.

The person recording the video can then be heard shouting “oh s**t,” as Valle runs after the egg-thrower and jumps on top of him.

Another passerby then stops the Nazi from attacking the egg-thrower, and the cameraperson shouts “he threw an egg at him,” as Valle runs away from the scene.

Social media users reacted to the video on Twitter.

One person responded: “There’s something about the sheer joy that can be seen as he runs off that is incredibly infectious,” and added: “Everyone should aspire to have that same level of happiness in their life as egg guy got from splattering the Nazi.”

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