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Monday, August 19, 2019
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Anti-trans women try to claim murdered lesbian journalist but it backfires

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a person holds a sign reading 'support trans youth' and giving the thumbs up

Friends of a murdered gay journalist have shut down anti-trans women after they tried to claim her.

A masked gunman suspected of belonging to the New IRA, allegedly shot Lyra McKee in the Northern Ireland town of Londonderry on Thursday night (18 April).

McKee, 29, who was described as a ‘rising star of investigative journalism’ was in Derry to cover a police raid at a council estate where suspected weapons were being kept. The situation soon turned violent with locals rioting and throwing petrol bombs at police.

The gunman started firing bullets, hitting McKee who died from her wounds.

Tributes quickly poured in for the murdered journalist, with vigils running in Belfast and Dublin.

But when anti-trans advocacy group, A Woman’s Place, tweeted about McKee her supporters were quick to point out she supported trans rights.

‘Lyra was a dear friend of mine, and she spoke strongly and proudly about trans rights and sex workers’ rights.’ wrote Belfast based trans advocate, Ellen Murray.

‘She uplifted the marginalized and she fought their corner.

‘She thought your regressive work was outrageous. She’s an inspiration for us all.’

People then flooded A Woman’s Place’s Twitter with a photo of McKee holding a sign reading ‘support trans youth’ and giving the thumbs up.

‘TERFs (trans exclusionary radical feminists) have no shame,’ wrote one Twitter user.

‘They even try to appropriate our dead into their campaign of hate. Lyra McKee was a staunch ally to trans minorities, particularly trans youth. Her loss has absolutely devastated so many of us.’

The clap back

A Woman’s Place clapped back saying it could honor McKee’s work even if it held different views to her.

‘Lyra McKee features as part of our women icons series which honours the achievements of amazing women. Our tweet was a genuine homage to a remarkable woman,’ the group wrote.

‘We accept that Lyra held different views to ours on trans activism. That we include her in our women of the day is acknowledgment that it is possible to honour those with whom you have differences.

‘Her letter to her 14-year-old-self spoke directly to the experiences of many of our lesbian followers. She was a brave investigative journalist who will be sorely missed.’


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