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New queer calendar celebrates India’s amazing LGBTI life


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India’s premiere LGBTI e-magazine is celebrating its ninth birthday in style.

Gaylaxy, has launched a ‘Queer Calendar’ for 2019 which showcases the diverse and colourful LGBTI community in India.

Sukdheep Singh wanted to start Gaylaxy because of a lack of positive stories about LGBTI people.

‘The portrayal of LGBTQ people in the media in general is a very negative one,’ he said.

‘The only stories that the media shows are one of abuse and tragedy. It gives an impression that LGBTQ people can’t be happy or lead a successful life.’

two shots. one of a woman in a red velvet dress smelling a long stemmed rose, the other is a photo of a drag queen in a sparkly pink dress and blonde wig

Dinvya Dureja and Lush Monsoon | Photo: Gaylaxy

Singh hoped the calendar will break that myth because those ‘featured are not just successful in their lives, but have got there while being out and proud about their identity’.

‘This calendar celebrates queerness in all its forms,’ Singh said.

Photographer Nitendra Singh, shot the 12 LGBTI people from diverse backgrounds, sexualities and gender identities.

‘We didn’t want to do a fashion photoshoot. The aim was to capture the true individuality of the people,’ Nitendra said.

‘This calendar is different than other calendars that one is used to seeing. We wanted to capture the unique personality of each individual through the photos and capture their natural self.’

the 12 photos of the gaylaxy calendar

The 2019 Gaylaxy calendar | Photo: Gaylaxy

Singh said the calendar was truly intersectional.

‘We have represented the LGBTQ community of India as best as we could through 12 people. These are individuals who would also act as role models and inspiration for other members of the community,’ he said.

‘We have individuals of different faiths; people from the north, east, south, northeast; a drag queen, trans, bisexual, androgynous people.’

The calendar is available to purchase here.



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