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Musician and Singer Bitch to Take Columbus Pride Main Stage

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🎻🎤 Bitch is performing at Columbus Pride on the Main Stage on Friday, June 15, at 7:30 p.m. 🎤🎻

Bitch (yes, you read that right) is a Michigan-born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her music can be defined as “dance-y and empowering” music that validates people’s experience while also being fun.

She’ll be playing her main instrument, the electric violin, at Columbus Pride. She also plays a unique mix of other instruments, such as the ukulele, bass and keytar.

“As a Midwesterner, Columbus always feels like coming home,” Bitch said. “I’ve always appreciated about Columbus how very queer-positive it is, how incredibly liberal and wild. There’s a huge lesbian and woman-centered community there, that has always embraced me.”

That sentiment has traveled over into her work, too; Bitch’s music is all about embracing the community. “My life’s work has always been about empowering people, to be more themselves, bigger, better, more beautiful. No matter what kind of hurdles life throws in their way.”

Her mission makes her the perfect entertainment at Pride, because her and the festival itself have the same purpose. When asked about what’s so special about performing at pride events, Bitch expressed that both she and the festival have the same purpose: to uplift and to connect. “Pride celebrations have always been a place to celebrate our pride and celebrate who we are,” she affirmed. “No matter what part of the spectrum you’re on, it’s open to you. You’re welcome and we celebrate you.”

In addition to being a performer, Bitch also works as a film and music producer. She’s collaborated with tons of people, but one really sticks out in her memory. Bitch worked with Ferron, the queer feminist icon, on two albums and a documentary.

“I feel like in the queer community, we’re very age-specific,” explained the singer. “As far as when we come out or find our communities, we’re very much surrounded by people in our own age group. When I was introduced to Ferron’s music, I had been out for a long time and I had been touring for a long time. I was just really moved and kind of thrown back about how, as young queer people, we feel like it’s very rare we’re offered the legacy that we’re actually coming from. It’s almost like we stumble around and find our own way in the dark.”

“Having my eyes opened to what my elders were doing was really moving for me and really powerful,” she admitted.

Because of that experience, Bitch wants to leave a something special behind for the next generation of queer musicians and their community. After all, “having those other realities be present and be part of our work is so important.”

Bitch’s stage name originated in 1996, from her first collaboration with Animal. It comes from the desire to reclaim the profanity directed as “women who are often just speaking their minds.” A powerful tool of self-liberation, Bitch uses both her music and her name to give voice to the “strong female forces in the world” while showcasing them “as something awesome and empowered and beautiful.”

We are certainly ready to feel awesome, empowered and beautiful while listening (and dancing!) to Bitch’s music on Friday night. She performs at 7:30 p.m., on the Main Stage.

She’s going to leave you wanting more, so keep your eyes out for what’s next. After taking about a five year break, Bitch is working on the new album and ready to release some new singles (some of which will be performed this weekend).


For more information on Bitch’s music, visit her website. Check out the full list of entertainers and more details about the festival on the Columbus Pride website.

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